Friday, May 29, 2009

Wonderful Giveaway

One of my favorite blogs, Cynthia's Cottage Design, is giving away a beautiful prize package for her one year anniversary. I've been reading this blog for months, and just love her styles, colors and ideas. She makes some of the cutest signs and wall hangings, and her vintage linens and decorating style have been an inspiration to me in my sewing (aprons and repurposed linens). As well, we drool over a lot of her pictures at Wheeler Farm, and are thinking of emulating her style in our country store.

Happy Anniversary, Cynthia!

Check out her delightful, cheery blog.

I've been finishing up a purse for entry into Crazy Quilting International's annual purse contest. The entries are posted (anonymously) for the membership to vote on, and the winners get cash prizes. Last year, my purse (here) won first prize. Obviously, I cannot post this year's entry yet, but I will once the voting concludes.

This year, our flowers (roses, irises) have been gorgeous. But I haven't taken any pictures. Today was an employee party at Wheeler Farm, and I made farm animal-themed cupcakes (pigs, cows, sheep and chicks). But I didn't take pictures. What's wrong with my brain?!? I'm hoping I can snag a picture from someone else of these silly but cute cupcakes. And I'll get my camera out this weekend when I'm out in the yard.




  1. Thanks for the link to Cynthia's blog.

    Your purse entry was amazing! It certainly deserved first place!! I look forward to seeing what this year's entry looks like!!

    I can't believe you didn't take pix of your animal themed cupcakes--they sound so cute!

    Have a great weekend and keep your camera handy!! :)


  2. It's another beautiful day in Utah! Love this sunshine!

    Heading out to finish planting the garden soon...

    Enjoy! Smiles, Cat

  3. The animal-themed cupcakes took me right back in memory to owl favors (what else? you weren't in your peacock phase yet, lol) made of pinecones and feathers. I think I picked up my love of crafts, embroidery, and all things creative from you!

  4. aloha Cathy, ooh! I am so happy to be back among my friends. Thanks for comments you are the sweet one!
    Lots of catching up to do. I will be a about for a while now,
    aloha Lilla

  5. Hello Cathy, I look forward to seeing your purse. I voted and really really really tried to pick yours out amongst them all. We shall see if I was right. LOL All the purses were truly lovely Hugs Judy


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