Sunday, September 30, 2012

CQ Journal Projects

I guess it’s time to face the fact that I am no longer a regular blogger. At least, not a regular FREQUENT blogger. Just too busy (and forgetful).  But I will try to be a more regular blogger, even if it means adding another layer of Post-it notes to my desk and computer desktop. HOWEVER, I have made a list of things I need to blog about, and assuming I don’t lose it in the next couple days, I have a lot to show you.

Above is my CQ Journal Project for August.   Remember, I am doing primarily seam stitching (if it looks a bit sparse) so as not to compete with the vintage needlework that these blocks will frame.  Here is a picture to date:

I have four blocks left. The block in the lower right-hand corner is just a stunt double, LOL.  The real block that goes there is the one I am working on for September.  As usual, these blocks are just pinned, and their order may change. And a bit of stitching will be added to cover the connecting seams.  Right now, I’m thinking that those yellow flowers on the left side are too loud (the ones next to the too-loud light pink flower). Must tone them down.

The September block will be done next week (at least that is the plan) and so far I have been able to keep my head above water on the CQJP. I have given up on TAST.

In my next posts, I have some CQ “Snowballs” to show you, some Victorian Ladies Round Robin work, the CQI Retreat in Utah a couple weeks ago, garden goodness and autumn decorations, cool fabric and sewing projects, and more.

Cathy maroon

Friday, September 7, 2012

Turning Three

My sweet granddaughter London turned three last week.  She had several parties - one at her mom`s house, one at her grandpa`s house (my ex-hub), and one here at our house with my kids, including her dad (my son Shane).

I made her a Winnie The Pooh cake, as she loves to have me read her the WTP stories. Heck, one could read her an encyclopedia and she would be happy.  Anyway, the bear color is a bit funky, but other than that it turned out OK.  It sure was delicious!!!

Here is London (with a sidelong glance to where her Daddy was standing).  Her curly hair is getting long and it is just sooooo cute!!

Then we told her to smile, and she lit up just like the candles!  And of course she helped us sing Happy Birthday, and she knew all the words.  :-)

Then before we knew it, she took a deep breath and blew out all the candles!  She`s got the routine down, wouldn’t you say?

Her present from Grammy and Grandpa was this cool whiteboard/blackboard from Ikea. We also got her markers, erasers, chalk (white and colored) and art paper.  She is already really dexterous and loves to draw, just like her daddy.  My son Shane is an artist (oils, portraiture, etc) and supplements his art income by working part-time as a graphics designer for a power beverage company.

Here is Shane and London. Sorry the picture is blurry.  Rarely is London perfectly still enough for me to get a good picture!!

* * * * * * * * * *
In other news, we have been working on updating our living room.  There is a line of fabrics that just came out that I am totally in love with.  It is called Indie (by Pat Bravo) for Art Gallery Fabrics.

I love this collection so much, I bought a fat quarter of each fabric in the collection to make a quilt for our living room (after Christmas!)  And it inspired me to get rid of some of our furniture - pieces that did not match, were dark/black, etc.  We went to Ikea and bought a great media center in white. Bruce assembled it in one afternoon and was amazed at how solid (pure wood, no venerrs) it was and how perfectly it went together.  As soon as I bring out the autumn decorations, I will take before and after pictures.   

The only other major thing was that I needed a chair.  I have been using my old sewing chair up in the living room, and it really needed to return to my studio downstairs.  We shopped and shopped at the major furniture chains.  Then I remembered the Country Furniture at Gardner Village.  Over the last 30 years, I have bought and loved many pieces of furniture from them.  The most important thing for me is comfort first and foremost.  It has to support this aging back of mine.  Eighty percent of the chairs we looked at were eliminated as soon as I sat down in them.  Wait a second, that didn`t sound right. I am not THAT heavy, LOL.  I don`t mean that they were broken when I sat in them, but they were eliminated from consideration.  hehehehe.  But you knew that, right?  Right?????

Anyway, I had taken Bruce`s truck so I was prepared to purchase something that day if I found anything.  I looked through their rooms and displays and came to the last room in their showroom and saw this chair sitting there.  Loved the colors. Hmmmm…..

The Chair on the showroom floor
I sat down, and BINGO!!  The right colors, the right style (modern, not too big), great support, great quality, and ON SALE!!  I knew in less than five seconds that this was The Chair.  I talked to the saleswoman and she said yes, the floor sample was for sale.  I paid for it right then, they wrapped it and loaded it into my truck, and a half hour later I was home. I even unloaded it myself and had it set up in the living room (no wonder my back hurts) before Bruce got home from work.

We are loving our “new” living room; it feels so modern, clean and uncluttered.  My new chair is great.  And if you don’t believe me, ask my cat Boomer.  He is in it more than I am.  I guess that means it gets the Royal Feline Seal of Approval, LOL!

Cathy maroon

Crazy Quilt Journal Project

I finally got around to downloading the pictures off my camera so I could post a picture of my Crazy Quilt Journal project for the month of, um, let’s see …  July.  Yikes!  August’s is in progress, and I plan to take that block plus my September one to the CQI Retreat next week.  More about that in a minute.

To refresh your memory, these blocks are primarily stitching on black, as the 12 blocks will serve as a frame around a vintage needlepoint piece.

The goal is for the blocks to enhance and compliment but not overwhelm the centerpiece. We will see as things progress. August’s block will go right below July’s, then there are just August through December, 4 blocks, to finish for the bottom. I will probably begin sewing it together in another month or two. Right now everything is just pinned and the blocks have not been trimmed

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Next week is the annual Crazy Quilting International Retreat, here in Utah (West Point). There are only 13 of us this year, but as we do have a Canadian member attending, it will be officially International. Some of our regulars had to miss out this year due to family and work conflicts. Darn!   But everything is set from the classes and supply lists, to activities, menus, games, swaps, shopping and more. I will make sure to get good pictures to share with you!


Cathy maroon