Saturday, September 19, 2020

Cats and Red Scraps

Another busy week here, how about with you? If you have kids in school (online or in person), you’re probably way busier than you want to be. For us retirees, that’s not a factor. But this week did have us running errands (as usual), picking and processing garden vegetables (as usual, but the end is in sight), and going to appointments. Bruce’s myo-electric arm needed some adjustments, and they’ll have it for four days next week to work on an issue.

The highlight of the week, sarcastically speaking, was the annual visit to the vets for Alfalfa and Darla. Bruce and I dread it from the moment we make the appointment; the cats only dread it from the moment the cat carrier comes out a day or two beforehand. Darla is a cagey one, no pun intended. If you even look her in the eye while the carrier is out, she’ll run and hide under the bed. Alfie isn’t as spooked by it. But on the day of their appointment, I couldn’t find either one at lunchtime, and their appointment was at 4:00.  So at about 2-ish I laid down for a nap on the bed, and sure enough, my feline napping companions joined me. And they were still zonked out at 3:40 when Bruce and I each grabbed one and lowered them into their carrier. We turn the carrier upright so we can just lower them into it, using gravity to our advantage. We took the Little Rascals to a new vet clinic because the old vet we went to for years moved away and we’re not going to hoof it across town to follow them. And I didn’t care for one of the doctors at the old place, so it was time to make a change. We’re really glad we did.  The people at the new clinic were wonderful and friendly. Alfie has gained over a pound in the last year, though, so I had to have a talk with him about not wanting to grow into a pony, like Buddy. Alfie pointed out the irony of me telling him to lose weight. Both kitties got their feline leukemia shots and a clean bill of health. 

After we returned home, Alfie decided he liked the new rug at the front door, which was also a purchase on one of my errands this week.  The wind storm of last week tore apart the back door mat, so I needed to replace that. While there, a few little rugs jumped into my cart to replace some of the older worn ones in the house. It’s a nice little refresh for autumn. 

Darla decided to take a nap.  That girl can sleep... and snore. I got the cutest video of her sleeping and snoring, but I’ve been unable to upload it to Blogger. *sigh*

This week in my red sewing, I first tackled the International Sisters blocks. My friend Preeti had sent me several blocks that she’d sewn with a dark gray background. We both agreed that the color and the angles of the background pieces were distracting from the Sisters. So, she sent me the blocks as a gift and I frogged them, replacing the dark gray with Kona Snow which is the background color I’m using for all my International Sister blocks.  

The red sister on the left, below, was made from African fabric sent to me by my hilarious friend (Hurricane) Sally . The fussy cut dress turned out so cool. The Sister on the right was made from my red scrap stash. 

The next three Sisters were all made from African fabric remnants brought over to me from Kenya by my Kenyan friend Marilyn, who runs Harambe Humanitarian

I’m particularly pleased at how the following block’s fabric placement worked out.

And here are all seven Sisters for this month.

I have dozens and dozens of these blocks made, so I need to start assembling some of the wall hangings if I can spare time away from Christmas sewing.

But I did take time this week to try out the waffle blocks that I saw on Nann’s blog.  These aren’t even trimmed yet, but I think they’ll work nicely as one of my Rainbow Scrap projects for 2021.

Each 5.5” quadrant is made with three 1.5x5.5” strips and ten 1.5” squares. I have a ton (well, maybe only a half ton) of those 1.5” squares, so this will be a great way to use them up. Obviously, the four quadrants need to be sewn together to yield one 10.5” (unfinished size) block.

And here are the four Tyrol blocks I sewed during the week. 

That brings my total to 16 of the 20 blocks needed. I want to get those done in the coming week and begin the sashing process. My daughter-in-law Kim and I will be shopping next week for the backing fabric. 

Last but not least is my progress on the red Creature quilt. I always save these quilts until I’ve done all my regular block sewing so I know what scraps and orphan blocks I have to play with. Most of this is just pinned or slapped up on the design wall at this point. There are a few blank spots to be filled in and at least a couple more horizontal strips to add some length. All I know at this point is that the width will be 42 inches. 

I ended up making one more cracker block for a total of 8. That gave me two of them for each corner, so I played with them and came up with this (below). I had to add 1” strips to the corner strip blocks to bring them up to size, but I love the serendipitous play of the angles and colors in this top right corner. 

That's it for this week, but I would like to remind you that the Fall 2020 Quilty Orphan Adoption event is going on over at Cynthia’s blog, Quilting is More Fun Than Housework. I have an orphan up for adoption which you can see there (or in my last blog post). I also have a large batch of selvages to give away, and we’ve added those to Cynthia’s selvage giveaway. She’ll be selecting TWO adopters, so if you’re interested in those, please check out her blog post there and leave a comment on her post. 

I think that just about wraps it up for this week. Please stay safe and remain vigilant about masking up, washing hands and keeping your distance from others while in public. 

Friday, September 18, 2020

Quilty Orphan Adoption

It’s time for the Fall 2020 Quilty Orphan Adoption event! What is that, you ask? The purpose of the Quilty Orphan Adoption is to allow some of us to offer up unfinished projects to potential adopters to finish. As most quilters can attest, there are projects we all have in our works-in-process that we’ve just fallen out of love with. It happens. Tastes change. Needs change. Sometimes it’s just a case of  “what was I thinking?” 

So, Cynthia Brunz at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework started the Quilty Orphan Adoption event. You can visit the link to see what projects have been put up for adoption. Is there something there that you might fall in love with? With Christmas and gift-giving season coming, the thought of a started and partially-finished project can be enticing. Sort of like a head start! Anyway, these projects are FREE to the adopters, so you can’t beat that. 

So, here is the project I’m putting up for adoption.  I guess I’d better explain.  

The fabric above (shown mostly wrong side up because the pile of 10” squares are sewn right sides together) is this Pepper and Flax fabric line. 

I bought yardage and fat quarters. The project I had intended to make was this Disappearing Pinwheel quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  You can check their site for the video if you’re interested, or I can send the pattern with the fabric. Whatever. 

What I have pictured above are 21 pairs of 10-inch squares sewn right sides together. The next step would be to cut them diagonally both ways to yield four half-square triangles each.  Then they’re squared to 6.5”. That gives you (21x4) 84 HSTs of Kona White plus a color. In addition, I have already cut 12 HSTs and have four more cut out, ready to be sewn.  That will give you a total of (84 + 12 + 4) 100 six-inch HSTs in the above palette to play with. You can set them any way you’d like, use the pattern above, or whatever.  

There are no stipulations on the adoption. Whatever you choose to make you can keep it for yourself, use it as a gift, or donate it to charity. All I ask is that it is not just added to an endless queue that you may already have of unfinished projects. I’d really love to see this quilt come to fruition in the next year or so.   

To win, just leave a comment on this post.  If you are a no-reply blogger, be sure to leave an email address in your comment. You can’t win if we can’t contact you! This adoption will be open until Wednesday, September 23 at midnight MST. On Thursday morning I’ll have DH draw a name from the potential adoptees out of his overly-worn garden hat. LOL. 

And be sure to visit the Quilty Orphan Adoption link-up to see what other goodies are on offer. And a big thanks to Cynthia Brunz for bringing quilters together in this wonderful way. Good luck!

* * * * * * * * *

OH!!! PS - I have contacted Cynthia and added a package of selvages to her Quilty Orphan Adoption offering. So, she is going to pick TWO winners of selvages from those who have expressed an interest ON HER LISTING.  If you’re interested in those, sign up on her blog. This blog post is just for my HSTs. 

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Red September Sewing

Another week has flown by and all I have to show for it are a bunch of vegetables in the freezer (and in our tummies) and some quilt blocks. But it was really an interesting week. 

The hot Labor Day long weekend (during which we had some family and grandkids visits) gave ‘way to cold temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday. Our temperature variation wasn’t as drastic as Colorado’s, but we did go from mid-nineties (F) down to the low forties within 24 hours. Horrendous winds (up to 100 mph) on Tuesday left thousands without power in Salt Lake City and areas north. Hundreds of trees were torn from the ground and branches snapped. We had a little damage in our neighborhood (not us personally; thankfully we’d just had all the trees pruned), but Cousin Kim in SLC lost a huge tree and a major branch on her apricot tree. Her whole yard, front and back, was littered knee-deep in branches blown in from all over the neighborhood. We had friends without power for a couple days as well. 

As scary as all that wind was, it’s nothing compared to what is happening in California, Oregon and the entire West with all the devastating fires. I grew up in Southern California and remember some scary fire seasons (1962 and 1977), and even remember, as a child, seeing the mountains north of us in the San Gabriel Valley - the foothill cities of Azusa, Monrovia, Arcadia, Sierra Madre and others - glowing red in the dark. Now some of those same areas are on fire again - and, unfortunately, many more. Those fires of decades past, however, were nothing compared to the devastation of 2018 and now 2020. Every year grows hotter and deadlier. Currently California is dealing with huge and deadly infernos, which include three of the four largest fires in California history. And prime fire season in Cali goes through October because of the warm autumns and the Santa Ana winds. My heart goes out to those who are dealing with the fires in the West, even if it is “only” the smoke and orange skies. Be safe, people, and know that the rest of us will do whatever we can to aid you in getting through this.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ok, so after that, having a counter-ful of tomatoes to make into sauce seems like a breeze! I don’t have any pictures, but there was also a lot of yellow squash, spaghetti squash, green beens, carrots, onions and grapes to deal with. I think the neighbors draw the blinds when they see me coming, LOL. Seriously, I’m so glad that one of our neighbors has rabbits - because we grew enough carrots to feed all the humans AND rabbits on the block!

But there was plenty of sewing, too. It’s my sanity. I just dug into those red scraps and didn’t come up for air until I had made lots of progress this week. I’ll be linking up to Angela’s blog for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge’s Scrappy Saturday

Fourteen Split Nine blocks (6.5”):

Two (11.5”) Beachcomber blocks:

And one red Scrap Bucket:

That was going to be all, but then I got going on my red strings and just couldn’t stop.

Twenty-four red string blocks at 6.5” (to finish at 6”). Some of these will probably get used in my red Creature Quilt (single-color quilt that I’ve been making every month). I don’t have that much red in my block orphanage, so this is what the makings of the Red Creature quilt is starting with:

There’s an 8.5” string block from last year that may get cut down. We’ll see. I also have a few more scraps that I’ll be cutting into more 3.5” squares to take up some area. So with that, the additional string blocks and possibly some of the red selvage half hexie blocks, I should have enough to do a small donation quilt. I’ve got a couple weeks to work on it. I also have some red International Sister blocks to sew. 

Darla wanted to help me with the red scraps, but she was too busy watching Kitten Academy on You Tube. We are really big fans of little Bessie, the wobbly kitten. Here’s Darla engrossed in the kitten tunnel antics. Notice that the tunnel is red! 

Finally, I didn’t forget my Tyrol blocks. I’ve been challenging myself to finish four of these every week so that once I get all 20 sewn, I can stitch up the flimsy (with sashing and cornerstones and borders) by month-end. Here are my four for this week.

Yep, they’re starting to look like repeats because, well, that’s the idea. But I can prove to you that I’ve now sewn 12 of the 20 needed.

Of the remaining 8 blocks, all are repeats of the above colors with the exception of one block in dark pink. 

We had a visit to the prosthetist for Bruce to get his arm adjusted. It sounds funny to say that, but most of you know by now that I mean his prosthetic arm. Tweaks and adjustments. It’s a process that will continue until his stump is done stabilizing (shrinking). And I got a fun fabric order from Connecting Threads for a quilt for my son Ryan for Christmas. I’ll show that in a couple months when I start on it - I have three other Christmas quilts to finish first. 

This morning I’ll be preparing the meat and marinade for fajitas tonight. I also bought strawberries at the store yesterday so I can use them with the last of my frozen rhubarb chunks to make strawberry-rhubarb compote. We’ll have that with the fajitas tonight because the freezer is already filled with gobs (technical term) of compote. And I’ll also be prepping a batch of six Egg McMuffins (English muffins, Canadian bacon, eggs, cheese) to freeze for Bruce’s lunches as needed. I like having them on hand for him. And I’m getting a real hankering for baked apples and some zucchini bread so I’m sure they are in the weekend cooking forecast, too.  All that plus some sewing on Sunday should keep me out of trouble. Ha! We’ll see.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Red (Scrap) Alert

This week felt *almost* like old times - normal. If it weren’t for wearing masks on errands and using a lot of hand sanitizer, I could have almost believed there was no pandemic. We visited the grocery store and Costco together, and I stopped off at the thrift store (to drop off donations in the drive-through), Dillard’s (bought something underthings), and paid a socially-distanced visit to Cousin Carrie’s (Cousin Kim’s sister) to give her all my old beading magazines. Oh! We also went to the Best Friends Animal Shelter to drop off some kennel quilts. I forgot to show them last week. Back in May, our friend Terri dropped off four kennel quilts to us to pass on. 

That put me in the mood to make another batch myself, and I may have shown a half dozen or so before. But last week I finished all 19, and here they are.

So all told, we dropped off 23 kennel quilts. 

Here in the Salt Lake Valley, we had some cooler temperatures for a couple days (seventies) and it was glorious to feel so energetic again instead of moping around like an overheated slug. Summer has taken ‘hold again, but its days are numbered. Autumn is just around the corner!!! Let’s all pause for a moment of dancing and rejoicing!!  .......   ........  ........

OK, time to get back to the Blogpost.

OF COURSE I sewed this week. Cousin Kim and I are back to our sewing days of Sunday and Wednesday, which usually run from about 9:30 or 10 in the morning until 3-3:30-ish. I fix a simple lunch on Sundays and we do our Del Taco run on Wednesdays. Also, we start our sewing mornings with a quick exchange of veggies or a trip out to the garden. Kim brings me zucchini and cherry tomatoes and she gets onions and carrots and Armenian cucumbers from us. We’ll probably be picking the Concord grapes this week. I used to pick them and used my juicer to make grape juice. But then Bruce and I both admitted we really don’t care for grape juice, so I gave Kim the juicer and she gets all the grapes, too! And all the work, LOL. 

Today is the first Scrappy Saturday of September. Our color for this month is red. It’s been a year and a half (since January 2019) since red has been the monthly color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. And I am more than ready to whip those scraps into shape! First, I attacked the selvages. As usual, I sewed them into strips and then used my Accuquilt Go! Baby to turn them into half hexagons. I also cut some red fabric pieces to go along with them. 

Some of them may end up in the red Creature quilt at the end of the month; we’ll see.  Next up were the Twin Sisters blocks - thirteen.

Normally that’s all I seem to get accomplished during the first week, but I was a sewing fool this week, so there is also the red Scraptastic Star that I made.

After all that red, I got to work on some blocks for the Tyrol quilt I’m making. My goal is to sew four per week, and this week I sewed numbers 5-8 out of twenty needed. 

The quilt is from a free pattern called Florabelle Bloom, but I’ll be changing it up a little. :-)

And here are the first eight blocks, although there will be sashing when they’re actually sewn together. 

So, that just about brings things up to date from our little corner of the world. We are going to see Bruce’s daughter Stacy and her family over the long Labor Day weekend. Yay! (Muahahaha... another group to foist carrots and onions and grapes and tomatoes on!)

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Purple Roundup for August

All year I’ve been making a single-colored quilt every month, following along with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) color of the month. I call them Creature quilts just for fun in naming them, plus they are donated to Quilts for Kids to provide creature comforts. Well, for purple August, I needed another color in addition to purple to get the quilt up to a good size. Long ago I chose orange as the additional color because it’s one of my favorite colors, I have tons of orange scraps, and I love purple and orange together.

Originally this was going to be Creature From the Molten Volcano, but the sad truth of my scraps was that there was no volcano to be had. Or sewn. It was just not a viable creature. So, like Elvis, it left the building, folks. And who entered then? Why, it was the Creature from the Sunset Savannah! (YAY!!) I present to you this quirky creature...

The very loud Creature from the Sunset Savannah finished at 44.5 x 52”. It’s my 33rd quilt finish this year, which is one more than all of last year combined. Of course, most of my finishes have been smaller (less than 60” on all sides), but some have not. They are mostly just utility quilts for donation, and sometimes when I take pix, they look a bit wavy. But they’re always square and look much better once they’re laundered and get their lovely crinkles. :-)

Creature From the Sunset Savannah was the last project I wanted to get done for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge’s purple August. As I usually show at month end, here is my recap of blocks made from purple scraps. As usual, I’m linking up to Scrappy Saturday.

There were a total of 65 blocks this month, although one of those Beachcomber blocks (top left) isn’t pictured. I can’t wait to start a new color next week! (Can you believe that it’s almost September?) I think we’re due for either yellow or red.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen preparing and freezing vegetables from the garden. No pictures of that this week. So much has been going on..... our friends/neighbors from across the street moved away (only a couple blocks, but still, waaaaaaaah....); doctor appointments this week for Bruce, and ... he finally got his new robo-arm yesterday! Hooray!!

He’s supposed to wear it 2-4 hours at a time for at least a couple times per day and practice using it. He says it’s a bit heavy, but they say he’ll get used to it. Of course, the grandkids (and sons and sons-in-law) are all having fun making jokes like “be careful when you scratch your eye!” (and worse, as you can imaging with guys -  potty humor). One grandson asked if he could catch fish with it! I’m sure the questions and entertainment value of the grandkids’ questions and observations will be priceless.

And since the picture above makes it look as though Bruce only has one robotic arm and nothing else, I want to show you that all is well with his left arm too, LOL.

Since they had to amputate Bruce’s right arm above the elbow, he will not be able to have any finger function in a prosthetic. So they said that this double hook which grasps (opens and closes) and articulate like a wrist (spin) is the best option. He’d have fewer movement options with a phony skin-look hand. He will wear a t-shirt under it and should be able to wear a long-sleeve shirt over it in cool weather. You can see in the above picture that the length of the prosthetic from shoulder to elbow is a bit long. They’ll shorten that down the road. So, Bruce has been practicing. And every time I walk by him, he gooses me with it!  hehehe 

So, after my purple sewing was done, I turned my focus to working on the quilt I’m making for my DIL’s mom’s Christmas present. Here is the first block of Tyrol. Can I say how much I love this???

And then there were two, then three, and then FOUR!

There will be 1” sashing between the blocks (the pattern calls for 2” sashing, but I’m trying to reduce the amount of white). I also have a colored border planned. This is from the free pattern by Melissa Corry called Florabelle Bloom.

I have sixteen blocks left to sew. My goal is to sew four (or more if possible) per week in order to finish the top by the end of September. I’ve been sewing these slowly and carefully to maintain all the points. That’s a new experience from the slapdash method I use on the Creature scrap quilts!

That’s about it from here. Have a good week; be safe and wear your masks in public. 

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Purple and Orange

Well, THAT’s an exciting blog title, eh? Kidding! I was going to title it “I Can’t Think of a Blog Post Title”, but I’ll have to save that gem for another time. I’m attributing my brain fog to the orange, smoky skies outside. It appears that the west half of the USA is on fire and the east half is poised for hurricane season. If only we could share, there would be a lot less destruction. Who’s going to tell Mother Nature?

This week was same old same old here. I did make a great stir fry this week. Heck, I make one a couple times a month, but it’s especially nice when so many of the ingredients come from your own garden. And there is a peach pie to make later today with what’s left of the peaches we got at the Farmer’s Market last week. I’m the queen of pre-prepped meals, but I do break down a couple times a week and fix something that didn’t come out of the freezer. If I have to. I guess. 

Anyway, as usual, there was a lot of sewing happening. First up, I made a small purple basket of and for my purple scraps. I usually use Angela’s pattern, which finishes about 7x10” by 7” high. This time I made it 7x7x7”, because my purple scraps are not that plentiful. When we get to red, I’ll be using that size too.

And then I used more of my bits and bobs to make another purple Beachcomber block. It joins the two I made last year, plus all the others I’ve collected since March of 2019.

Beachcomber is my name for this block, but the original name of the quilt itself was Beach Retreat. I saw a picture of a quilt online a few years ago, and pinned it in my Pinterest. Then I just figured out the dimensions I wanted to use. It was originally in a book called Stash Statement by Kelly Young and the subsequent blog hop. Here is where I first saw it.  Anyway, I like the name Beachcomber for the block, because the scraps of fabric one uses to make the colored portions reminds me of the detritus a beachcomber picks up on the beach.  :-)

Anyway, here are most of my Beachcomber blocks so far. It sorely needs red and yellow. Another five blocks total and I can start sewing it together. 

The States Quilt got quilted and bound this week. It’s ready to head to Quilts for Kids when we have our next local workshop in two months (September’s meeting is way down in Utah County, and I’m not going).  Anyway, States finished at 44x58”, and the back and binding are both from the state names background fabric. And I still have some left over. It will get cut into strips for more strip quilts...

This was my OMG (One Monthly Goal for August, and I’m linking up to the August goal finish post with Patty at Elm Street Quilts

And I’m sad to report that I stitched my last Zipper blocks. I only needed 10 more, but I sewed 12. So I have two extra blocks, plus the extra va-va-voom ladies fabric block, which makes 3 for the back. Here is the first batch I sewed this week.

Say hello to Bob Ross again! I think this finished up that fabric. Then there’s some Kaffe and some Tula Pink as well. 

Then I sewed one more from one of my all time favorite fabrics from Amy Butler. It was from her Lark Line (circa 2012-2013), and I’ve had 2.5 yards sitting in my stash since then. The coloring of the picture below is all off, but you get the idea.  I don’t understand why camera’s sometimes “see” a true color and sometimes not.

That fabric shows up accurately in the next picture, which is the fabric pull and introductory photo for my next quilt project. My DIL Kim asked me (well, actually I asked her if she’d like me) to make Christmas quilts for her parents, who we have known and loved for years. I pulled potential focus fabrics and patterns (on Pinterest), and this is what Kim chose. The pattern is Florabelle Bloom by Melissa Corey, a free pattern located HERE

I pulled the other fabrics to go with it, and have cut all the flower portions out so far. Ignore my scribblings on the paper above; I’m doing something a little different from her pattern or my scribbles. My plan is to do the 20 flowers, but eliminate the outer 2” border of white and colored squares for the secondary flowers. Instead, I’ll have a 1” white stop border then a 3.5” border in the focus fabric. Both Kim and I loved the fabric because it looks very European (Austrian/Italian), and since all three of us (Kim, her mom Paula, and me) have all been to and love the Tyrol region of Austria and Italy, we wanted to feature it as much as possible. Five of the 20 flowers will also be made using that fabric. There are no firm plans yet as to the backing (scrappy? purchased?) or binding. The working title for the quilt is Tyrol. 

I’ll introduce the quilts I’ll be making for DIL Kim’s dad (Bill) and my son Ryan in future posts. I had some great masculine fabric in several prints that coordinate and match other things in my stash; enough to get two quilts out of easily. The backings for those will be big pieced buffalo checks and will require yardage purchases.  Kim and I will go shopping for the backings and fabrics when the time comes. 

Oh! Last but not least..... wait. It is last and it is least. Because I’m mad at it. 

You see, although purple is the color of the month for those of us participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year, I have always intended to mix my purple scraps with the rest of my oranges for this  monthly scrap Creature Quilt. This month was going to be Creature From the Molten Volcano. I could see it in my mind, and even drew it out! A purple volcano of strip blocks. Fiery orange scraps spitting out in streams and curls (strip blocks, snail’s trail blocks), plus all the other scraps and blocks........ SCREEEEETCH!  The reality of the scraps and orphan blocks I have do not say volcano. See what I mean?

They are having an identity crisis. I’m thinking maybe Creature from the Serengeti (which I would prefer to name Creature from the Maasai Mara, which is the Kenyan side of the same geographic region). Or maybe something to do with all the wildfires here in the West? Any ideas? 

So anyway, this is what I’ll be banging my head against the wall working on this week. Wish me luck. Stay safe, friends, and wear your masks! xo

Linking up to: Rainbow Scrap Saturday

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Days of Future Passed

When I was pondering what, if anything, interesting happened here this week to write about (the answer is: NOTHING), the phrase “Days of Future Passed” popped into my mind. Those of us of a certain age (*cough, cough*) may remember The Moody Blues concept album with that title. It was the album that contained Nights in White Satin. And indeed, the Moody Blues has been a major part of the music I stitched along to this week. Should’ve done that last month when we were stitching with moody blues! But a more contemporary version of the expression is spelled “Days of Future Past”, which is an X-Men story line. I don’t know or care about Marvel comics and X-Men, so I picked the older reference. All of that to say that we’re doing the same things over and over, like in the movie Groundhog Day. The future days and weeks will probably be much like the past days and weeks. Same old same old in the Time of Covid. 

But I did get some purple sewing done for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. August is purple month.  I’ll be linking up to Scrappy Saturday, so come check out all the purpley stuff.

First up: Two Scraptastic Stars; one in red-purples and one in blue-purples.

Fifteen Split Nine-patches:

String Blocks (6” finished): 13

In between all of those, I stitched my weekly batch of Zipper blocks. Eleven this time, because it was hard to stop. 

Some of the fabrics aren’t as interesting as when I started, because I’m nearing the end. After these, I believe I only have ten left to reach 99, the number I need for a quilt that will measure 66x81”.

This block is my favorite this week. I love that scrappy fabric that Nann sent me and have used it here as well as in the Tessa Quilt I cut out a couple months ago. I hope to get to that one before year end. Note that I didn’t have enough of any of those solid oranges, so I used them all in a gradient fashion. 

And the block below is interesting too. I bought a fat quarter of this marijuana fabric from Spoonflower last year (when I bought that Bob Ross fabric - remember?)  I used every single square centimeter of it cutting out a mask for my brother, a zip pouch for my brother, and two of these Zipper blocks - one for me and one for Cousin Kim. There wasn’t even a half inch left over!

And finally, I sewed up the last two blocks for my One Monthly Goal project quilt. Nothing too exciting here. I just tried to keep the blocks simple so that the blocks of color would be prominent, and then to round out the colors for the overall balance of the quilt. 

It’s now basted and ready to be quilted this weekend. I really have enjoyed working with that rather wild background print with all the US States listed in brightly-colored abbreviations. I think I’ll just call it the States Quilt (original, eh?)

We are going to head out to the local Farmer’s Market this morning to see if we can get some raspberries and peaches. I want to make more raspberry jam, and the peaches are for eating. It may be a little early for the local peaches, but we’ll see. Then I have to swing by our Quilts for Kids workshop. I am not going to stay and stitch (even though they are limiting it to 10 people), but I do have six finished quilts to drop off. And my friend Bonnae, who is out camping this week, asked me to pick her up some quilt kits to sew on. As for myself, I still have seven baby quilts for QFK that I checked out last month and didn’t get quilted. They were sewn by other people - too bad more of them don’t quilt their own quilts, but oh well. I’ll get to them eventually. For the rest of this calendar year, the priority for me will be getting Christmas quilts done - more on that another time.  

So, for the coming week I’ll sew the last of the zipper blocks, quilt the States quilt, make a little purple scrap fabric bucket and sew a purple Beachcomber block. If I finish those, maybe I’ll baste and quilt some QFK quilts and/or finish up the last half dozen kennel quilts I stared a couple months ago. There is never a lack of  things to do in the studio. 

We’re having my older son Ryan and our DIL Kim over for dinner tonight. Maybe the grandkids Lauren and Easton will come too if they don’t have to work. Bruce and I bought a misting system for the patio, but we need to go to Home Depot and get a short hose for it. My guess is that we won’t get it set up until it’s time to take it down in the fall. Anyway, we’re celebrating DIL Kim’s birthday, so I’ve got to make her Something Chocolate for dessert. Better get my rear in gear!

Have a good week, wear your mask in public and wash your hands when you get home!