2018 Quilts

2018 QUILTS  (26)

 Gray/Purple, Etc Selvages Quilt, December, 54.5 x 62"

Blue/Green Selvages Quilt, December, 58x58"

Quilts for Kids Donation Quilt, December, 39x45"

All You Need is Love, December, 68 x 80"

Exploding Boxes, November, 60x72"

Let it Snow, November, 37.5 x 48"

California Poppies, October, 64x84"

Squared Away, October, 56x56”

“Dancing in September”, October, 65x73"

Cat-i-tude, October, 34x44"

Orange Lozenges, September, 62x72”

Linked Squares, September, 64x80"

Safari Baby, September, 46.5 x 55"

Farm Girl Vintage, August, 70x82”

Donation Baby Quilt, August, 41x46"

Groovy Guitars, August, 52 x 69"

AB Baby, June, 52x62” 

Geese Migration, April, 52x64"

Pawsitivity I, March 2018, 48x63"

 Pawsitivity II, March 2018. 58x64"

Quiet Time, March 2018, 45x54"

Pink & Pastel Donation Quilt (vintage sheets), March 2018, 40x40"

Rainbow Strings, March 2018, 64x80"

Hot Rods for Steve, February 2018, 67x76"

Autumn Sampler, January 2018, 64x79" 

Starry Starry Day, January 2018, 72x78 "

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  1. was this all HSQs and squares or did you use strips at all to create the white diagonals? Can't believe you got such precise line-up of your diagonals. I want to make a construction-themed quilt and see these diagonals as tire tread.


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