2021 Quilts

Windmills with pink donation quilt, April, 42x48”

Windmills (gender neutral) donation quilt, April, 42x48”

Sea Scraps donation quilt, April, 40x45”

Purple Posies donation quilt, April, 50x60”

The Princess and her Monkeys (donation quilt), April, 42x48"

Alphabet Monkeys (donation quilt), April, 42.5x47"

Strings (donation quilt), March, 42x48"

Stay at Home, March, 52x67"

Outer Limits - Vertical (donation quilt), March, 42x48"

Outer Limits - Horizontal (donation quilt), March, 40.5 x 46.5"

Ballerinas Donation Quilt, March, 40x45.5"

Beachcomber, March, 55.5 x 66.5"

Dancing Seahorses, March, 39x45"

Seahorse With No Name, March, 39x46"

Frogs Donation Quilt, March, 39.5 x 47.5"

Yellow Thang Donation Quilt, February, 40.5x44.5"

Wild Thing Donation Quilt, February, 39.5x42"

Dancing Zebras Donation Quilt, February, 39.5 x 46"

Duck Duck Goose Donation Quilt, February, 38.5x46"

Zipperumpazoo, January, 66x81"

Pink 4” Patch Donation Quilt, January, 40x48”

Pink 6” Strings Donation Quilt, January, 42x48"

Pink Sock Monkeys Donation Quilt, January, 42.5x47"

Pink Raggedy Ann & Andy Donation Quilt, January, 40.5x46.5"

 Pink Bears & Bunnies Donation Quilt, January, 41x48"

Unicorn Cats Donation Quilt, January, 45x54”

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