2021 Quilts

(picture coming)
Green and Brown Strings donation quilt, November, 42x48”"

Waffles, November, 40x50"

Autumn Camping donation quilt, November, 40x51"

Crossed Strings donation quilt, November, 40x48"

Brown Checkerboard donation quilt, November, 40.5x48.5"

Framed Pinwheels, November, 51x75"

Dinos for Brody, November, 40x52"

Rainbow Cats, November, 58” square

Positivity, October, 60x80”

Bass Notes donation quilt, October, 48x60"

Mancala donation quilt, October, 40x48"

Orange Scrap donation quilt, October, 40.5 x 48.5"

Fishy Fishy #2 donation quilt, October, 41.5 x 45"

Fishy Fishy #1 donation quilt, October, 40.5 x 47.5"

Football donation quilt, October, 39.5 x 47.5"

Rainbow Sampler donation quilt, September, 44x 58”

Orange Creamsicle Strings donation quilt, September, 42x48”

Scrappy Bricks Donation Quilt, August, 31x41"

Stringing the Blues donation quilt, July, 42x48"

Navy Scraps donation quilt, July, 44x48"

Space donation quilt, July, 41x47”

Riverdance donation quilt, July, 40x49.5"

Playtime donation quilt, July, 40x46"

Zippers! Donation Quilt, June, 48x54"

Bright Blocks Scrappy Donation Quilt, June, 37x47"

Scrappy Strip Stars Donation Quilt, June, 42x48"

Purple Scraps Donation Quilt, June, 38.5x 43.5"

Double Disappearing 9-Patch (Rescued vintage 9P blocks), Donation Quilt, June, 45x52.5"

Purple and Pink Donation Quilt, June, 37x43.5"

Old Nine Patches donation quilt, May, 40x54"

Tic Tac Toe donation quilt, May, 36x40"

Disappearing Pinwheels donation quilt, May, 40x52"

International Sisters donation wall hanging, May, 28.5x42.5"

Red Alphabet donation quilt, May, 40x46"

Red Column donation quilt, May, 42x48"

Red Bees donation quilt, May, 40x46"

Strings and Gems donation quilt, May, 42x48"

Windmills with pink donation quilt, April, 42x48”

Windmills (gender neutral) donation quilt, April, 42x48”

Sea Scraps donation quilt, April, 40x45”

Purple Posies donation quilt, April, 50x60”

The Princess and her Monkeys (donation quilt), April, 42x48"

Alphabet Monkeys (donation quilt), April, 42.5x47"

Strings (donation quilt), March, 42x48"

Stay at Home, March, 52x67"

Outer Limits - Vertical (donation quilt), March, 42x48"

Outer Limits - Horizontal (donation quilt), March, 40.5 x 46.5"

Ballerinas Donation Quilt, March, 40x45.5"

Beachcomber, March, 55.5 x 66.5"

Dancing Seahorses, March, 39x45"

Seahorse With No Name, March, 39x46"

Frogs Donation Quilt, March, 39.5 x 47.5"

Yellow Thang Donation Quilt, February, 40.5x44.5"

Wild Thing Donation Quilt, February, 39.5x42"

Dancing Zebras Donation Quilt, February, 39.5 x 46"

Duck Duck Goose Donation Quilt, February, 38.5x46"

Zipperumpazoo, January, 66x81"

Pink 4” Patch Donation Quilt, January, 40x48”

Pink 6” Strings Donation Quilt, January, 42x48"

Pink Sock Monkeys Donation Quilt, January, 42.5x47"

Pink Raggedy Ann & Andy Donation Quilt, January, 40.5x46.5"

 Pink Bears & Bunnies Donation Quilt, January, 41x48"

Unicorn Cats Donation Quilt, January, 45x54”

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