Quilt Gallery 2012-2017

2017 QUILTS (19)

The Tulip Quilt, December, 72x88"

Rainbow Selvages, November, 60x72"

Reading Rainbow, October, 66x86"

Pink Charity Baby Quilt, October, 37x50"

Pineapple Quilt, August, 60x80"

Color Me, June, 51 x 68"

Stars and Stripes, June, 57 x 72"

Big Game Quilt, May, 62x75"

Pastel Vintage Sheets Donation Baby Quilt, April, 42x42"

Flower Market, April, 61x72"

Beehive Donation Baby Quilt, April, 38x38" (approx)

Scrap X+plosion, April, 60x72"

Red Donation Baby Quilt, March, 42x38"

Rainbow Dresdens, March, 76x76"

Rainbow 16-Patches, March, 72”x81"

Teal Disappearing 9-Patch, February, approx 68x76"

Warm Improv, January, 62x82"

Cool Improv, January, 72x72"

Rainbow Rails, January, 72x81"

 2016 QUILTS (15)

Kitty Quilt #3, December, 52x72"

“November Rain”, December, 67x83"
Cozy Christmas, December, 58x71"

Big Game, December, 62x74"
Petals, November, 64x75"

Magic Carpet, November, 75x89”

Rainbow Scrap Sampler, November, 60x72"

Kitty Quilt #2, October, 54x72"

Kitty Quilt #1, October, 52x72”

Aria, October, 86x103"

Notting Hill Sampler, September, 58x72"

Birds & Bees, April, 56x64"

(Hoffman Panel) Cityscape, April, 48x54"

Seeing Red, February, 60x76""

Valentine Quilt, January, 62x62"

2015 QUILTS (11)

Rainbow Orbs, December, 80x96"

Helen’s Garden, December, 68x84"
Christmas Tree Wall Hanging, 24x35"

I Spy Quilt, December, 45x45"
Needlepoint Center Crazy Quilt, October, 30x31"

Let it Bee Baby Quilt, September, 48x56”

Emma’s Quilt, August, 39x46"

What Cancer Cannot Do, August, 54x66"
Pow-Wow, June, 55x68"

Birch Trees, March, 58x72"

The Artist’s HSTs, January, 55x70"

QUILTS 2014 (5)

(Only Center blocks shown of 12-block Crazy Quilt)  Cream on Cream Wedding Commission
Finished December 2014

Saltwater Wedding, November, 86x78"

Disappearing 9-Patch Baby Quilt, May 2014

Bear’s Baby Quilt, March 2014
Jelly Roll Race Christmas Quilt, January 2014

2013 Quilts (2)
Side Braid in “Indie”, January 2013, 60x78”

Not shown:  Baby Quilt made for DGS Gunner.

2012 Quilts (6)

Apples for Lauren, December 2012

Who’s in the Forest for Remi, December 2012

Peak Hour for Hunter, November 2012
Space for Deacon, October 2012

London’s Kitty Quilt, September 2012

For Abbie, August 2012

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