2019 Quilts

2019 QUILTS  (32)

 Rainbow Strings Orange, December 40.5x50"

Rainbow Strings Blue, December, 40.5x50"

Grandcats' Quilt, December 42x48"

Newport Butterflies, December, 58x71"

Red String Stars, December, 36.5 x 48.5"

Dogwoods for Karen, November, 49x61"

Kitchen Sink, November, 50x60"

Rainbow Anvils, October, 64x72”

Stringing in the Rain, October, 54 x 64"

Gumdrops, October, 40.5 x 47"

Punkin' Patch, October, 28" x 36", 

Harambe Sisters Quilt I, September, 28.5 x 42.5"

Donation Quilt, September, 40x46"

Ugly Pirates I, September, 36"x46.5"
Ugly Pirates 2, September, 36.5x45"

Firefighters, August, 44x56"

Spokes, July, 32.5 x 37"

Pink Donation Quilt A, July, 38x48"

Pink Donation Quilt B, July, 44x53"

Crumbcakes, July, 65x78"

Good Fortune, June, 55x69"

Stringy, Starry Night, May, 60x72"

Stacked Coins, May, 55x60"

Place Your Bet, March, 55x66"

Tumbler Wall Hanging, March, 26x32"

The Blues, A Donation Quilt, March, 44x54"

Lattice Birds, March, 88x108"

Elephants II, March, 50x60"

Elephants I, March, 50x60”

Pink Selvage Quilt, January, 48x56"

Saguaro Sunset, January, 58x70"

The Scottie Dog Quilt, January, 42x49”

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  1. How did I miss these two new quilt finishes?! You are so fast! Stealth is the word I would use! Thanks for the inspiration!


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