2020 Quilts

Arahorn (for Ryan), December, 73x80"

The Creature With No Name, December, 42x50"

Strings With Red Rectangle, December, 42x48"

Gumby Quilt, December, 40x47.5"

Scraptastic Stars, December, 48.5x64.5"

Creature From the Haunted Pumpkin Patch, December, 48x56"

Four-Patch Posy, November, 50x60"

Bear Tracks, November, 78x88"

Creature From the Foggy Lagoon, November, 47x54"

Creature From Bumblebee Acres, October, 42x48.5"

Christmas Truck Quilt, October, 56 x 65"

Creature With the Ruby Shades, September, 42x50"

Tyrol, September, 67x82"

Creature from the Sunset Savannah, August, 44.5 x 52"

The States Quilt, August, 44x58"

Creature From the Blue Precinct, July, 40x49"

Pina, July, 62x82.5"

Donation Panel Quilt, July, 38x53"

Creature From the Bubblegum Factory, June, 42x55"

Pink Scrap Donation Quilt, June, 40.5 x 48.5"

Civil War Scraps Donation Quilt #1, June, 42x52"

Civil War Scraps Donation Quilt #2, June, 40.5 x 50.5"

Garlic Breath, May, 64x80”

Creature from the Mossy Mountain, May, 41x44"

Harambe Humanitarian Wallhanging #2m May, 28x42"

Pink and Blue Donation Quilt, May, 40x50"

 Giraffe Donation Quilt #2, May, 40x49"

Giraffe Donation Quilt #1, May, 40x49"

On Ringo Lake, April, 55x65"

Nine PM (9-Patch Madness), April, 60x72"

On Ringo Pond, March, 45x45"

Seeing Stars Wall Hanging, March, 30.5 x 36.5"

Creature from the AquaLab, March, 40 x 51”

Frog Panel Quilt for QFK, 35x47"

Sailing Friends Panel Quilt for QFK, March, 37x47.5"

Scrap Roundup, February, 38.5 x 50.5"

Creature from the Orange Grove, February, 37.5 x 46"

 Multi String Stars, February, 36x48"

Rainbow Charms #2, February, 38.5 x 46"

Rainbow Charms #1, February, 38.5 x 46.5"

 Creature from the Green Lagoon, January, 44.5x54.5"

Green and Pink Scrappy Quilt, January, 45x58"

 Gumby, January, 37x42"

Brown-Blue Polka Dots Donation Quilt, January, 36.5 x 50.5"

Little Orphan Scrappy, January, 42x48"

Grandcats Quilt #2, January, 42x48”

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