Saturday, June 13, 2009

Purse Contest Results

Yes, it's been a long time since I posted. You would not believe some of the things that have been going on in the last two weeks in my life. Things at work - that I can't even talk about for myriad reasons (legal, to say nothing of emotional), major crappy rainy weather, and just about anything else you can think of, good (like family) and bad (car problems). LOL. But I will survive! I am woman!! whatever... LOL

So, I've got a lot of catching up to do, which will give me fodder for posting this week!! I'm going to start with this morning's announcement on the Crazy Quilting International list. We had our annual CQ Purse Contest (there was also a category for non-CQ entries. There were only two of those, and they were very lovely). However, competition was more stiff in the CQ category. You may remember that last year I won first place - see story here. This year I won SECOND PLACE, and for some crazy (no pun intended) reason, I'm just as happy!!

Above: Entire Purse Below: Front Close-up

Below: The back of the purse. The fabric was an upholstery sample given to me by a local specialty furnishings store. It was the inspiration for the colors and feel of the design. There was also no question from the beginning (I actually started gathering things for this purse a year ago) that I wanted to use vintage laces exclusively. I had some heavy crocheted laces that were originally my intent to use, but they tended to overpower everything, so I'll have to find something else for them....

There is some tatted trim that I may add around the back, however. The cord handles may also be replaced in favor of leather ones - I planned this as a personal-use bag.

Above is my favorite area of the purse. This is where I experimented with beads. It's pretty simple stuff, really, I had just never done it. The round "flower" is a beaded spiral with a picot edge; above that are bugle beads surrounded by seed beads, and above that are seed beads as shaped petals. The green is ruched ribbon floss with matching sequins for sparkle.

Above: Spider on web, and a cabochon and dyed lace layered on an antique piece of metallic lace that is shabbily chic.
Below: A modern venice trim (right) overstitched with metallic threads and a vintage trim (left) decorated with beads and stitching.

Below: A silk ribbon motif and a vintage lace flower adorned with purple bead soup.

The center motif is an organza rose, folded flower, dyed lace, a vintage millinery leaf, a button and hand painted vintage mother-of-pearl bead.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. This was a departure, color-wise, for me and I really enjoyed it. Next year's purse is already designed and the fabrics gathered. I plan to work on it here and there between other projects. Maybe I can have it all pieced, with backings and linings cut out before the end of summer. That's my goal.

For now, it's back to stitching on another round robin block (almost done, then I'll post pictures), and putting together packages of fabrics and vintage laces to sell in Omaha at the annual Crazy Quilting Retreat in a month........

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  1. Hello Cathy. YES, I pick your purse!!!!!!!! Yes, I did. LOL I loved It. It is a gorgeous purse and your stitching is incredibly beautiful. A very very lovely purse, indeed and I am sure you will have heaps of compliments whenever you use it. Congratulation on being a winner. Hugs Judy

  2. If that won second, I can't imagine what won first. Gorgeous!!!!!

  3. Hi, Cathy,
    I am not surprise that you won again,second price. You do such beautiful embellishments ,and I admire you so much,for all the work you put in.Congratulation on your win.

  4. O.M.G., Cathy, this is absolutely georgeous! ... and I know someone who is going to go absolutely ga-ga over it... namely, my Mum... these are her favourite colours, wow, fantabulous! Congratulations on your second place win - I haven't seen first place, but in my books, this is a winner and it's not because I am biased because you are my friend, it is indeed worthy of a first place win! Hugs.

  5. Your purse is beautiful. The stitching is so intricate and it all flows together so well. I love hearing about what all the pieces are. Love the little spider. Congrats on placing 2nd.

  6. Cathy,
    I don't know all others but I must admit that I loved your purse. It is my favorite with its lovely colors, great work, indeed. Congratulations.

  7. Your purse is BEAUTIFUL!!! I think it was your winning purse last year that linked me to CQI and your blog -- I have you to thank for all of that!


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