Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun Mail Day

Today the mail brought a wonderful little package from Pat Winter . We recently completed a Pieces of Friendship swap, which you may have seen pictures of here and there as people completed their 4" puzzle pieces. Mine were posted here and here.

I received three pieces back last week with an "IOU" from Pat saying she'd send the fourth one, from her, soon. Today it arrived, and WOW was it worth the wait. Pat always does such lovely work, and this darling puzzle piece (above) was no exception! The little girl print, the yummy lace and of course all the wonderful stitching. Thanks so much, Pat. I LOVE it!

And along with the puzzle piece was a delightful selection of vintage laces "from one lace lover to another". How cool is that? I'd sent her some laces with my puzzle pieces (a giftie for our "Swap Mom") so I guess she felt the need to repay me (Pat, sweetie, it was CERTAINLY not necessary, although it was greatly appreciated!)

I didn't post a picture of the puzzle pieces before, so here are all four together. Aren't they great??
LOL .... not everyone measured their pieces correctly, LOL, but really, who cares? They are all so lovely and the concept is great. I think Pat may do this again in the fall. I'm THERE!


  1. Your puzzle pieces you received are gorgeous, Cathy! I'm in for this swap again so see you there in the fall!

  2. What gorgeous lace.... and the puzzle pieces are all wonderful.... I do especially like the pink one... but then... it's pink, of course I would like that one! VBG!

  3. The puzzle pieces are all very lovely. Hugs Judy


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