Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer has Finally Arrived

This is just a post of some garden pictures, so if you're not interested, just move on (you won't hurt my feelings, LOL). For weeks - or months, even - I've salivated over others' pictures of their gardens while here in Salt Lake City we've endured week after week of nearly unending rain.

When my irises, poppies, lilacs, snowball bush and roses (first bloom) were at the their peaks, it was dark and dreary and rainy outside. So I have precious few pictures. Finally, I uploaded everything to my albums (does anyone else keep garden pictures by year?) and was able to glean out a few worthy of sharing. Humor me!! :-)

Of all my lovely irises that bloomed, some of which were local hybrids or really stunning combinations, this relatively common color combo (and I'd have to look up the name...) is all I got a picture of. In August, I'll be attending two events in which I'll be able to buy some more rhizomes and in colors to round out the variety (pinks and oranges).

The first bloom of my Double Delight rose tree was incredible. The tree looks short here because it is leaning toward the camera. Poor thing, like me, was craving sunshine!! In the fall, we are going to move it to the front of that planting area. That big daylily (which is supposed to be a "dwarf", LOL) will be moved, too.

Above and below: aren't these roses lovely. The roses above are really a reddish purple, but this picture doesn't show true color. I have the tag with the name of the bush, but it's still on the rose itself. So of course, I don't remember it. (note to self: cut off the D*** tags and put them in your rose file!) Same with the little apricot-colored rose bush below.

I think you can see how overcast it is in these pictures. They were taken between storms!

Finally, above: a corner of the backyard. The grass looks like it didn't get any water. HA! Actually, this was taken in early May when things were greening up but the grass hadn't been de-thatched. It's lovely and green now, though, although the roses are nakey.....

Our vegetable garden is coming out of its stupor from the last six weeks of clouds and rain. Most of the gardens around the area are waaaaay behind schedule. But today marks the third straight day of 70-80 degree dry weather. DH & I are even planning to go sit out on the back patio, in the shade of the grape arbor, and read for awhile!!

Unfortunately, the weather forecast is calling for (such a stupid expression; why "calling for"??? I wouldn't call for it!) more thundershowers in the next 2-3 days. Hopefully, they'll just materialize in the late afternoon and last a short while. I REFUSE TO RETREAT INDOORS!!


  1. Hey Cathy... what lovely flowers you have... lucky you, summer has arrived for you... I guess you sent all the rain our way because it hasn't stopped raining here yet... so far I have only mowed our lawn once, and Mum's hasn't been done yet this year... isn't that awful? This has been a very strange entry into spring/summer for us... oh well, it's nice to see lovely blooms, albeit in everyone else's photos.... Hugs.

  2. Hello Cathy, I absolutely LOVE all your flowers. The irises are a very pretty color, your roses are fantastic looking but I especially LOVE the apricot ones. You must tell me their name when you find the time. They are truly stunning. I am glad your summer finally arrived. My roses are great this year too. Hugs Judy


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