Sunday, May 17, 2009

Farmgirl Chic Apron

I love working at Wheeler Farm as my regular readers know. One of the things we've been trying to do a bit this year is "update" the Rosebud Store, which is the country store located on the premises. It is open from April through October (and also in December) and is named after the Wheeler's original dairy operated from the premises, The Rosebud Dairy. The store was built in the 1970's and is very rustic. Managers Darci and Shari have brought in more wholesome foods (but there are still hot dogs, pretzels, popcorn and soda), and have updated some of the "goods" for sale. I'll be supplying some aprons, and have been trying out a few different ideas and designs.

The other night at about 9:00, I got a "wild hair" and decided to make a half apron out of an old pair of recycled jeans and throw on some vintage crocheted lace. Mind you, I have tubs of denim for use in quilts, purses.... and aprons. So, I selected a pair of pants, some crocheted lace and some blue velvet ribbon, and within the hour, this was the result.

This is being modeled on that vintage dressform I bought back in March. It has an 18" waist, so it makes the hips look really wide.... Anyway, the two original jeans pockets were kept for the apron pockets. Where the two legs were, a denim wedge-shaped piece was sewn in to make a solid, flat front. The bulge of the crotch below the zipper is a bit of a trick to minimize, but you can get rid of most of it..... ANYWAY, I sewed on the lace (it was supposed to be a bit more of a pronounced swag) and added the crocheted rose piece (a bunch of which I got at an estate sale last summer). Blue velvet ribbon that matches the denim was sewn on the two sides for ties. The intent was to give it a very "rough", shabby look.

I've got plans for more, including a black one with a polka-dot flounce, and more denim and crocheted lace. Then I have some tulle I'd like to add to some, and different ties because I don't have wide velvet in the colors I need (plus I need to use up some stash)...... So many ideas, so little time.......



  1. Gotta love those flashes of inspiration Cahy! I think the lace and rose just make this apron! It is adoreable and has me wanting to start cutting up my pants!

  2. Geesh, I had the same feeling - where's a pair of jeans I can hack away. It is awesome. I bought some old lace trim at a thrift store this winter and it would be perfect. thanks for a fantastic idea! (really that forms 18" waist is crazy)


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