Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lace Winners

Thanks to all of you who entered the lace giveaway contest. After entering the numbers into a random number generators, the winners are:

Marty52 and Susan Elliott (Plays with Needles). Woo-hoo! I'll send a quickie email to you both, but please contact me if you read this first and send me your snail mail addresses.... I'll mail them out tomorrow!!

Again, thanks everyone!



  1. WooHoo... thanks, Cathy! I sent you an email with my home addy. This is too cool.

  2. Dang Cathy, did not know about lace. Oh well I suffer alone here.
    I am getting ready for my annual trek down under.
    You are smart, guessed my piece in the show.
    Wonder how?
    Anyway, thanks again for all the support.
    Love the way your blog looks now. Really cool!
    aloha Lilla


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