Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day Flowers

I've always told my kids, since they were small, not to spend money on me for a Mother's Day gift. I'd much rather have a handmade card with their real sentiments and thoughts written in it.

Well, they've always been good about the cards, but usually end up buying me some gift anyway. Of my three children, one is married and has just bought a new house, one has a baby on the way, one is engaged, and two of the three are still in college. They have higher priorities. However, this year they actually listened.
Instead, they ALL brought me flowers. They know I love them, but they've never given me flowers before. Well, picking daisies from our yard when they were little doesn't count. :-)

Two of the arrangements were store-bought. The other was picked from their gardens, and then decorated by both son Shane and Heather, the parents-to-be. See how Heather glued on rhinestones and glitter on the tulips. There are also pearls and glittered stems that you can't see.

I had a couple more pictures to upload, but Blogger is having seizures now or something and won't let me. So I'm going to cross my finger and hit the "publish post" button.

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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