Monday, June 13, 2011

Storage Solution for Thread

I was reading some blogs last week and happened upon an idea (no idea where - I start following links sometimes and just get lost....).  Some girl had used an printers tray for storing spools of sewing thread.  Light bulbs went off in my head!!  I have a printer tray somewhere....

Well, I never did find the printer’s tray, but I did find an old wall storage unit for rubber stamps. So I hauled it out and cleaned it up, resisting the urge to paint it.  Bruce kindly hung it for me in my studio, and I filled it with my sewing threads......

Thread storage “Before"


Now I need to find some cute (yet practical) things to put on my Singer Treadle when it’s closed up to sort of soften the look.  

This little shelf was such a simple solution that cost absolutely nothing.  And those old plastic thread bins  will be OUTTA HERE when we have our yard sale next month!

Cathy maroon


  1. I have old mason jars filled with buttons and charms all separated out by color and that with a small vase of flowers and it would be so pretty!

  2. Great idea! My threads are all jumbled up in a shoe box. Maybe when I get my sewing room sorted out, I'll come up with some clever storage ideas. Maybe I'll even try to learn how to use my treadle sewing machine!

  3. Well, it looks good!!

    But I am always amazed when people can store items out in the open unprotected...and envious.

    We have a mulch factory about 1 mile from here. They swear they don't pollute. That county takes machines out to measure their machines. However, they must not measure the amount of dust in the air outside when the loaders dump mulch etc on the ground.

    Anyway, since they moved in, I could dust every 5 minutes and never be dust free.

    Yes, I envy anyone that can display thread and keep it dust free ~lol~

  4. Cute and practical idea! Sometimes I'd rather go out and buy a new spool of thread (I bought 2 last night) than go through the jumble I have. I just spotted a perfect place for a shelf. Now, I just have to find one.

  5. Great idea! A work of storage art with all of those colors teasing the eyes.

    Like Maureen, I can actually put off a project because it is such a "where's Waldo" situation with my fibers/threads!

  6. Cathy, it's as pretty as a picture!

  7. Oh Cathy, it looks super! It pays to hang on to some things that don't have a specific use for a while. A good reason for keeping it usually presents itself down the track! I laughed at your opening remark about reading blogs and getting lost while following links....I do it all the time!


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