Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day Vintage Images

The images I have for you today aren’t Father’s Day images strictly speaking, but are basically just masculine images I culled from my large collection.  It is pretty easy to find images of women and children, but guy things... well that’s a different story.  So, I do hope you enjoy them!

And for those of you who have asked how Bruce is doing, we truly appreciate it.  He is doing much better this weekend.  His arm surgery on Wednesday turned into a bit of an ordeal, as they removed tissue, sent samples to the pathologist, and were told to take more. Three times.  It was a 3-hour surgery, and except for a one inch wide strip down the inside of his right forearm, everything is grafted skin (from his thigh).  They kept him overnight to manage the pain, and his first day home (Thursday) was difficult.  His arm is in a splint so he can’t move it and disturb the grafted skin.  On Monday he’ll visit the plastic surgeon to be checked.  But all is well and except for the scarring, there will be no lasting affect or disfigurement.  He is upbeat and thrilled that the kids are coming to visit today.  Life is good great!

Cathy maroon


  1. Dear Cathy

    I am glad it is over for Bruce. Sometimes things happen that they do not expect and the best place for him was to stay there overnight. Hopefully it is the end of this and uphill from there.

    Your flowers in the preceding post are gorgeous. The first Iris is just beautiful. I love all of your flowers. Harv's Dad used to have a rose tree right in the middle of his tiny postage size lawn in Toronto and every fall he would cover it with burlap and bend it right down to the ground and cover it with soil. come Spring he would up end it and it was always beautiful coming right through all the winter cold and snow.



  2. Glad to hear Bruce is doing well. I've been enjoying the photos of your garden, especially the irises. My oldest daughter's middle name is Iris (from Paul's grandmother and his sister), so they have a special place in my heart.


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