Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Year ETSY Anniversary and Sale!

Hello dear friends!  For the last 10 days or so I have been busy loading up my Etsy shop in preparation for the one year anniversary of Cathy’s Crazy by Design on Etsy.   As regular readers know, I don’t talk a lot about my Etsy Shop, which is probably good for you, the reader, but not so good from a serious marketing standpoint.  But since I’m seriously crazy, please indulge me this once!  And I have a reward for you at the end!  :-)
My favorite lace, now discontinued by wholesalers.  Not to worry - I have plenty!
The more lace I list, the more large orders I get to nearly clean me out, LOL!  No, I’m not complaining, but it forced me to work harder and smarter, and I think I’ve got a system down.  So, I would like to show you some of the goodies you will find in the way of laces....

4x4” picture frames sold individually or in pairs for greater savings

Lowered price on Fleurs de Lis

These sumptuous rayon Venice laces are dyed with potassium permanganate, a method introduced to us by the Australians (think Jenny Haskins, and Judith & Kathryn).  Not many of us use this method; potassium permanganate is a substance used in veterinary practices, water treatment plants, and swimming pools.  It can be pricey to obtain, comes in liquid or crystal form (I much prefer the crystals) and ‘particular' to handle, but WOW what wonderful results! 

I have also experimented with adding color washes to the golden laces. This picture is from a couple years ago. The coloration is a bit more subtle than this stark picture shows (my old camera - sorry!)  I will be adding some of these types of laces to my store in July.

So, here’s what I have for you, my dear blog readers.  From now through July 16, use the coupon code JULY11TENPERCENT (that’s July, then the number 11, then ten percent - all one word and in caps) when you check out and receive 10% off your order.  I wish I could just give you what your heart would desire, but we all know that’s not possible! And working this Etsy shop has become increasingly important to me as we are now transitioning into retirement this summer.

I will monitor the shop closely and restock daily. And next week watch for fancy fabric packs, more vintage laces and trims. After that I will concentrate on adding the vintage linens, patterns and other finds and treasures - all in time for you to use the coupon if you’d like.  :-)

Please remember that you MUST type in that coupon code at checkout to get the discount.  There is a place (highlighted in blue) where you’ll click and type it in.

* * * * * * * *
And a last note...  Bruce and I tended DGD London today.  She is really becoming a bit of a chatterbox. Her new favorite saying is “I DID IT!”  She is so proud of herself whenever she accomplishes something (it’s so cute!), and every syllable is enunciated so clearly!   She is such a good influence on us old folks.... :-)

Cathy maroon


  1. Gosh, I remember when you opened your Etsy. Can it be a year ago. Time is flying by.

  2. Hey Cathy! I'm glad you stopped by.
    I'm in the same....marketing fog...
    I forget to mention my websites. I get comments and the pals think they are a personal collection. I'm hoping to change that with the re-do post. A different post to show the progress of one of my creations Hope it piques some interest and possible more custom orders.


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