Monday, June 13, 2011

Final Autumn Round Robin Block

Today I finished the Autumn block for Colleen - the final one in our Autumn DYB round robin at Crazy Quilting International.

The cute autumn print that Colleen had in the middle lends a whimsical air to the block.  And I loved the indian corn print on the left.  I added some dyed lace, and a couple trims that I had bought in New York earlier this spring. On top, the sunflower is a very vintage trim, and the velvet leaves are vintage millinery as well. There is a little yo-yo and some silk ribbon “wheat” tucked into the top arrangement, and some seamwork here and there.  A pretty straight forward block, but enjoyable for me as I love these rich colors.  

Next up, I will be working on my block for Hearts and Hands for Sendai. Bruce goes in for his second arm operation on Wednesday, and I will take it along then to help pass the time. Tomorrow, DGD London comes for her day with us.  We are planning a little trip to the Farm.  Perhaps I will take the camera and share the pictures of baby animals (that I promised to Gina; I haven’t forgotten!)

In other “news”, LOL:  There is a huge textile liquidation sale beginning tomorrow  (and running for a week) in Draper (about 20 minutes south of us).  I will probably go on Thursday. Utah Correctional Industries is the host, and listed items include “textiles, canvas, nylon mesh, thermo batting, linings, fleece, cordura (???), fake fur, rivets, elastic, zippers, velcro, buckles, thread, piping, blankets, tool bags, camo clothing, and “lots of odds and ends and sewing hardware used in manufacturing clothing”.  A few of the items listed raised an eyebrow:  polyester double knits,  hydration packs (sewing that much dehydrates you, LOL), and orange safety mesh. THAT should be an interesting visit!  I will take my camera!!

Cathy maroon


  1. That is a very pretty block! My eye was drawn to the flowers, so I'm glad you pointed out the other elements that I might have missed. It took me a while to find that Indian corn!

  2. When you're in Draper shopping, look at the zippers. There's a newish fad using them to make zipper flowers. I've seen some amazing ones and some that look like a typical "keep in in a drawer craft" made out of the ones with the metal teeth. This would have been a good thing for the "steam punk" RR.

  3. Boy Animal Farm...close out luck with all of it!

    I am glad there is someone else out there who hasn't done their Hearts for SEndai block. I'm going to have to stop working on my current block but it will have to wait until after the big cookout on Sunday.

    Hope Bruce did well yesterday and your new thread tray is WAYYY more beautiful than those plastic trays!


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