Monday, June 20, 2011

Fairy Swimming Pools

It was a gorgeous day today, mid-seventies and sunny.  The sky was so blue..... and puffy clouds drifted by on the occasional breeze.  What a great day to be outdoors!  We deserved it after it poured rain all day yesterday.

My roses are thriving.  A couple posts back I showed a picture of my happy rose bush in the front yard that was just beginning to bloom. Well, it hit its peak today so I decided to take photos. I love taking pictures of the flowers and other garden elements throughout the year, but mostly I just file them away in my picture files and only share them occasionally. Until this year.  Please bear with me!  It’s not that I plan to turn this into a gardening blog, LOL, but I believe most of us stitchers, sewing, and other needle artists all seem to have a deeper-than-average appreciation for beautiful flowers.

Looking North

Looking West

Looking South

Looking East
This is a hybrid tea rose called Daybreak.  I’m sure it was named that because of the apricot to pink shading of the blooms, which brings to mind an early dawn sky.  While I was outside taking pictures, a lady walked by and said that it was the most beautiful rose bush she had ever seen in her life!  That just made my day!!  I love making our front yard look nice so that passers-by can enjoy the beauty.

And the “Fairy Swimming Pools” from the title?  My sweet hubby Bruce was outside with me while I was snapping pictures, and he requested that I capture close-up pictures of the dew on the roses because they looked like Fairy Swimming Pools.

Click once or twice to “embiggen” the pictures.

Can you see the Fairy Swimming Pools?  It was easy finding the pools, but I did not catch sight of a single fairy out for a swim!

Cathy maroon


  1. Cathy, the roses are just gorgeous!Thanks for sharing their beauty.Bet they smell wonderful too!.

  2. I love that Bruce wanted you to get the photos of Fairy Swimming pools... that is fantastic :) Hope he is feeling better! You have a gorgeous yard and the Daybreak roses are one of my favorites... good gardening!!! Hugs to you and Bruce, hope you are enjoying your time together to the fullest.

  3. Cathy hello these roses are wonderful !!!!!!!!! thank you for giving us this little bit of happiness kisses Regina

  4. Well Cathy, I think you are right about stitchers and flowers. I have never had a rose bush variety that grew that big except for my climbers. Yours is gorgeous and I certainly enjoyed the pictures.


    Your husband is exceptional!! How many guys would SEE the water cupped in the petals let alone think of Fairy Pools!
    xx, Carol

  5. Hello Cathy your roses are truly stunning and I absolutely love the color. Yup I can see the fairy swimming pool. Lovely. Hugs Judy

  6. That IS the most beautiful rose bush ever! My favorite colors for roses! Wonderful photos!

    Summer is HERE! finally! Smiles, Cat

  7. Oh, my! That is one big beautiful rose bush! I love the color!
    I think you're right about stitchers and artists having an appreciation for the beauty and complexity of a flower. (Probably from trying to recreate it in our chosen field, and finding out just how difficult it is to capture!) I love the idea of fairy swimming pools!

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous flower. I'd love to be able to make one in SRE.

  9. Wow Cathy! I think you have a forest of roses!!! They are gorgeous! I can't have roses because the legions of deer will eat them down to the ground!!! Please keep showing me yours so I can live vicariously through YOU!!!! And that Bruce has got be a romantic!!

  10. ok this is the fourth time I have come by here to look at your roses! Stunning! I love roses and these are the most beautiful that I have ever seen......what do you feed them? And do you prune them back every year? If so when, inquiring minds want to know......

  11. Cathy I have never seen a rose bush with that many flowers on it.
    Just beautiful.

    It is funny but it seems as though most embroiderers and/or cqers also love gardening.

    I lugged 14 - 40# bags of mushroom composte out of the van and into place in the garden both front and back. Opened and shovelled about 8 so still have more to do. I get carried away and have to remind myself I am not as young as I used to be so quit while I could still walk. Probably won't tomorrow.



    ps - liked Bruce's fairy swimming pools.


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