Saturday, May 31, 2008

Speaking of Purses...

Well, that's all I've been speaking about for the last several days. At our Crazy Quilting International group (Yahoo), we're having our annual purse contest. So, I prepared an entry - most of the work occuring this week (Crunch Time). The deadline was yesterday, May 30.

Obviously, I cannot post that purse or even talk about it, but I thought I would post a picture of the first CQ purse I ever made about six years ago. It's a basic black and gold drawstring bag, and the sum of the embellishment consists of seam embroidery only.

The picture below shows the purse opened so you can see more of the (very plain) embroidery. Naturally, I've developed a bit since then and my stitching is more complex. But sometimes a walk down Memory Lane helps us realize that we've made progress!

I have used this purse, and it is very serviceable. And it does get noticed. CQ is that way, isn't it???


  1. This is pretty. I really like the black and gold together.

  2. Love this. Good illustration of what you can do with CQ besides quilts.

    Missed you on Thursday.




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