Thursday, May 8, 2008

First Playtime with Embellisher

I bought a Babylock Embellisher over a month ago. At first, I was disciplined and made myself finish up some round robin commitments before playing with it. And then construction began on the remodel of the bathroom right off my studio, so I had tarps over everything for about 10 days. I didn't want to bring the machine out until the construction was over and the dust settled and cleaned up. Today was the day!!

With no particular goal in mind other than to experiment with the machine, its feel, the fabrics and other "stuff", I pulled earthtone browns and metallics and set out to make something. What I ended up with was the following piece, several broken needles and some valuable knowledge.

The needles loved the taffeta, silk, metallics, sheers and fibers. It did NOT like the two synthetics I used, which were fancy fabrics of unknown composition. Even going S-L-O-W, they ate up more than a half dozen needles on this piece alone. Lesson learned (talk about slow, eh? LOL). I tried scrunching a lot (that was fun!) and left some fibers loose and hanging intentionally. Don't know what this 9x9" piece will be - maybe a pillow? Or a small wall hanging??? I'm going to let the Embellisher rest tomorrow because I have to finish piecing a purse for the CQI purse competition (a Yahoo group I belong to).

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