Monday, May 5, 2008

First CQ Project From 2000

Happy Monday! I thought I'd throw in some eye candy here, as most of the rest of my news for today is non-CQ related. The first project I did (after a starter needlebook which I pieced but never embellished or sewed up) was a spring vest for myself. After it was completed, I had to tear it apart and make it smaller. After losing weight a few years ago, it is still really big, but I can and do wear it occasionally.

This is a detail shot of af silk ribbon enhanced vintage lace flower. I made the carved MOP buttons into flowers and made the Victorian hand "holding" the lace up.....

The printed fabric with the gray background was from a vintage Japanese obi. The vest colors were primarily lavender, green and pink.

DH Bruce also finished prepping the garden area for planting. He bought loads of mulch and chipped bark. He spent most of Friday off-loading them from his truck to the garden. The bark paths are for walking areas. I'll finally have somewhere to walk as I tend my roses and flowers along the raised flower bed (barely visible along the left). As soon as he lays out the soaker hoses this week and gets the sprinkler system started up, we'll be able to plant! The recommended planting time in the Salt Lake Valley is after Mother's Day, as a general rule. After then, the chance of a frost is only 10%......

And finally............... the downstairs bathroom remodel is complete. Somehow I must've deleted the "before" pictures and the gutted shower area. It had been leaking long before we bought the house (we found out) and even the studs (in some areas) and the drain had to be replaced.

Here is the only "before" picture I could find:

And three weeks later, this is the "after":

Boomer approves!

Now they're busy demolishing the master bathroom.......... and we're set for another three weeks of noise and dust......... but it'll be worth it!!! I never did get any "before" pictures of that, either.

Must stitch............

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