Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pillow Finished & Other News

I meant to post this yesterday, as I finished my frou-frou pink rose block into a pillow. Here's how it turned out:
It is now sitting on the daybed in our guest bedroom, with a couple other CQ'ed pillows. I still have one more in my UFO pile, but too much other stuff on my plate for now. I never did publish the rest of the pictures from our bike ride to Wheeler Farm last week, so I'm going to include some more today. My friend Adele and I now have a regular routine of riding there twice a week, and a set course that takes us around the entire park once, then on the trails inside the park. It's about a 40 minute bike ride with hills, but I don't know how many miles that translates to. Regardless, it's good exercise, and it's amazing to see nature awakening before our eyes!

This shows some of the wild area of the farm, and the walking/riding path. There are picnic tables scattered here and there and even a fire pit. It is my burning desire to get the family together here one very snowy winter, to play "Major League Snowball Fight". I envision dividing into two teams, each with a "safe" home base which we all stake out ahead of time. Then we make our snowballs and foray into "enemy territory" to attack with snowballs!! We'll run, hide, raid, play, laugh......... ahhhhhh..... then relax and make hot cocoa and make S'mores by the firepit as we warm up before heading home.......... Another view of the creek. This picture was taken a week ago, and the park is already so much more green and spring-like. And the best news - I've been hired as a Summer Kids Camp Counselor at Wheeler Farm!! I'll work mornings for the 11 weeks of Camp, playing with the kids, taking them on hikes, teaching them about nature and the Park, and conducting arts and crafts, games, music, etc. I'm really excited!!

And finally - my favorite picture!!! I call this one "Dancing Lessons". Can't you just hear the ducks talking?? "No, Ralph, it's not the LEFT foot! First you put your right foot in, then you put your right foot out....."


  1. Hello Cathy, Love your Pink Rose pillow it is great. I am a rose person so all the lovely embroidery made me smile. I also love all your nature pics. They make me smile too. Congratulation on your summer job, sounds like heaps of fun. Hugs Judy

  2. Hi Cathy, I didn't know you had a blog or I would have been here sooner.
    Bike ride info...I ride 12 miles in 30 mins pedaling consistently on flat roads,so perhaps you can gauge from that. What a great thing to do, and with a friend makes it so much more enjoyable!


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