Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Laces Finished

Today I wrapped up the final portion of my lace dying. It's something I've been doing on and off over the last ten days or so. My project this morning was to over-paint some of the laces I dyed last week with potassium permanganate. Here are some of the results of that:I really love how the "peacock" one turned out. It's really just one repeat of a very wide lace trim, but I'll be using it in the Peacock Round Robin I'm in. I tried a few different greens, pink, purple, aqua and peach. And really, I like them all. What do you think?

Next are the laces that I painted last week. I've sorted them in these pictures into pastels and brights.

The brights are above. I really like the flower in the center. Below are the pastels.So now I'm done with laces for awhile! My next project will be to start a purse design I've got rolling around in my head (there's a lot of room there, LOL). Actually, I've pulled enough fabric for 4 purses - each a different theme, so I may have to go on a pursemaking binge. I've also got a fan block from Jo in NZ to work on. It's started talking to me, so that's another project for this week.

Finally, this afternoon I went bicycle riding with one of my girlfriends (that's a funny word for us fifty-somethings to use). There's this huge county park about a block away from our home that is a working farm. The Victorian farmhouse was built in 1875, and they do tours. There are horses, sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and 2 duck ponds. Plus loads of trails for hiking and/or bike riding. Adele (my friend) and I are going back riding later this week and I'm going to take a camera so I can snap some pictures.

Must go fix dinner (stir-fry tonight) and then watch American Idol. We're rooting for our hometown boy, David Archuleta, who's also from Murray, UT. GO DAVID!!


  1. Hi Cathy! I love your blog and love the laces you have been dyeing. They came out beautifully!

  2. Cathy your laces are to die for...very pretty.

  3. Very nice laces! And I look forward to pictures of the part, too.

  4. Nice job on the blog, Cathy! Your laces are just scrumptious - WOW. Mine all look so, well, white! LOL.

  5. I love your blog so much and your lace is beautiful!!!

  6. Oooooo great lace! AND you are doing great on your blog too!

  7. Hey Cathy--Love the photo of your garden; congrats on getting your blog up and running!


  8. Hey, I love your new blog. It is wonderful. What a fantastic job you did in dying your lace. They all are beautiful. Love your photo in your header. Is that your lovely garden?? I will look forward to seeing the photos of the Victorian home. Hugs Judy

  9. Beautiful start on your blog...I will visit often!

  10. You have done an excellent job on your new blog...Love your dyed laces.

  11. Hi Cathy

    The children's clothes are really sweet. I love them also.

    Your lace pieces turned out very nice. That is a good thought to use the PP first then dye over that. Probably gives you a better idea what to follow up with.

    Hope you have a good craft day at Wheeler Farms and sell lots of stuff.



    ps - how about a couple of those dresses for London? Even if you just play with her when you babysit.
    You could take some cute pics.


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