Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Old RR Block Returns Home

Back in late summer of 2006 I began a round robin with a group of ladies across the country. There were 8 of us who'd been doing RR's for almost five years up to that point. Due to circumstances (in other words, LIFE), virtually every participant got sidetracked and we sort of fell apart. It happens. But we all decided to make an effort to finish and get the blocks back to their respective owners. This block returned home to me last week. Eventually, this will be the front panel of a tote bag. There will be a green fern-patterned strip below it and green handles. The reverse has also been pieced similarly but is not yet embellished. I must say I was a bit disappointed that so much was left undone, and that someone added blue against my specific wishes (I'll frog it and replace it with green or orange). And speaking of frogs, I think he may have to go as well - still thinking on that.... Obviously, there's finish work to do, but on the whole, I love it. It's good to have it home. Gotta finish the tote now ASAP since it's supposed to be a summer tote!! Of course, I'm assuming that summer will eventually get here......

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  1. WOW, talk about a RR Nightmare! The block is just lovely, though. It will look great on your tote.


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