Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Poppies & Roses

Things are finally sprouting here in the garden. Everything is so much later than usual due to our long, cold winter and long, wet spring. But finally the poppies have popped! They're usually ahead of the irises, but not this year. This plant is in our east sideyard bed. To the left of the poppies you can see some spent irises, and to the right of it, some red roses just beginning their show. The blooming groundcover is creeping Jenny.

The roses to the left are in the backyard. I believe they are floribundas - we inherited them when we bought the house 5 years ago, so I'm not sure what their names are. I personally prefer grandifloras or tea roses, but I also have rose trees and mini (dwarf) roses. Any rose is a good rose! At any rate, they'll go mad with blossoms! They line the walkway down to the
basement's exterior door.

And finally, to the left, we have the grape arbor. As of two weeks ago, it was pretty "nakey", but the warmer weather has really helped it take off. In another month or two, you'll hardly be able to see the trellis. It provides us with shade on the patio (the other side of the trellis) in the afternoons. These get so laden with fruit that we have to support some of the lattice and branches. Last year one of the trellises broke so we had to replace it this spring. I'll probably plant some annuals in the front of the grapes for color.

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