Friday, June 20, 2008

Vintage CQ Pix Day 5 Final Pix

Showing the pictures of my vintage crazy quilt has sure been fun and enlightening for me. I hope you've enjoyed it too and will let others know. Todays post is the last, and I'm including shorts of miscellaneous motifs, fabrics and seam treatments that were either not shown before or may haveonly been partially photographed.

I'd love to see pictures of YOUR vintage CQ's, so if any of you have them and can share, please invite me!

So, I'm just going to post these pictures without further ado, but if you have any questions or comments, please contact me! Thanks, and enjoy!


  1. So, Cathy, if you lay some of your Finca size 8 pearl cotton down on areas of this wonderful quilt, how do they compare in looks? There are such wonderful stitches on your treasure of a crazyquilt. Thank you SO much sharing. I hope to finish photographing anew the Moore Baby Crazy Quilt and will begin soon to share them on my blog. Come on over!

  2. I just came across your blog..oh my, what a interesting...I am going to send your link to some friends as I am sure they will want to see this beautiful quilt...such hand work...what a treasure...Maine

  3. Cathy, thank you for sharing this great quilt--it sure has a lot of interesting stitches and motifs. Love the chenille center--it always amazes me that the chenille in these really old CQ's looks so new.

  4. Good Day Cathy. What a lovely vintage CQ you bought. Soo many different stitched Motif. Love the cat in the hat. You certainly bought a treasure. Thanks for sharing all the detail photos of it. I also love seeing your beautful flowering roses and iris. Have a great day. hugs Judy

  5. Hi Cathy,
    I've loved seeing all your pics of this treasure. I have some pics of two restoration/resizings I did on antique cqs on my blog.
    They are in the posts for May 16th of 2007 and August 22nd of 2007. I really should learn how to do a tiny.....

  6. Thank you for sharing these.
    I am speechless....


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