Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Last Week ... A Blur

WHAT!?!? It's been a WEEK since I posted?!?!? What happened to the last 7 days???

Oh yeah..... I started work at the kids camp at Wheeler Farm.......

We counselors use nicknames, and I am Boomer. I'm old enough to be mother to every single one of the other counselors (all girls except two guys). They're all college students and cute, thin, bouncy (well, the guys are more, uh, "cool"). And they're all GREAT with the kids. But I kept up with all of them!!!

Those sweet kids (ages 6-12) sure have the knack of draining the energy out of you!! Let's just say that I can't play Dodgeball, Keepaway, sit cross-legged for 45 minutes during a reptile show, and talk with six kids at once LIKE I USED TO. LOL.
I was dead tired after Monday. Tuesday was short, so better. Wednesday was looking up and Thursday and Friday, well, I cruised.

And I can't wait to start again on Monday! I think maybe some of their youth rubbed off on me!

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