Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vintage CQ Pix - Day 4

I'm a bit late in getting these posted this evening. I've got a summer cold (yuk!) and I've spent more time horizontal (napping) than I realized! But on to the pictures.......

What crazy quilt would be complete without a spider and her web??? This one is missing some threads, but that's understandable since she's been spinning away for over 125 years!! And isn't that blue dotted silk interesting?

Below is another qppliqued leaf. It's just an area that I hadn't previously highlighted, plus it contains some lovely fabrics (love that beige brocade over the black fan-shaped patch!)

And, of course, more nice stitching. Below are more stitched chenille flowers. AND ISN'T THAT OMBRE FABRIC TO DIE FOR?!?!?

In the very upper left portion of the picture below, you can see a fabric flower. There is a matching one in the same square, but it has shattered badly. There are also the initials "VC", an embroidered playful pup, and a good view of some of the tabs along the right border. Some of the tabs have embroidered motifs on them, others just have stitches. Can you spot both the embroidered and the appliqued butterflies in this picture?

Finally, an overall shot is below. It doesn't show everything, because I have to find a way to hang it (no sleeve) to get a proper angle and complete picture. But it gives a good feel....

Tomorrow, I'll post a series of miscellaneous motifs that I haven't posted up to now. Everytime I study the quilt, I find more interesting things....... like the switchblade motif, the cat in the hat, and........ well, just check back!!

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