Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Garden Pictures

I have been so crazily busy this last week that I've barely had time to think of blogging. And I haven't had enough time to be out in the garden to really enjoy it (does deadheading roses for an hour on Saturday count?). Bruce and I do spend an hour or two on the patio in the evening reading, but we have to come in by 8:30 when it gets dark, because I've never strung the fairy lights this year..... Here is part of our patio, with the backdrop of the grape arbor. In the evening (this picture was taken late morning) they are a great shield from the setting west sun.
And our climbing roses are blooming, and they're so beautiful to look at. We'll be adding some wirework to the walls in order to give the climbers more room to spread out horizontally. Sort of an espalier treatment. This is the clematis along the same wall. It's still pretty young, but I love it even if it is a modest show...... On the east side yard, our dragon is nearly engulfed with growth ...... a bit more lush than it was here I love this corner of the house; that's a dwarf Japanese maple, an Asiatic lily and various other flowers in the bed and ledge planter. Don't you love that cute sun ornament?? And the next two pictures are our front rose trees with their surrounding floral friends. The first rose tree is a Double Delight; the second one (red) is Mr. Lincoln. I'll have some stitching pictures before the end of the week; I'm almost done with a round robin block for my friend Cobi. We're in a fan-themed round robin..... and I'm behind. Sorry, Cobi! It'll be on its way soon!


  1. Hello Cathy, Belated 4th Of July to you and your family. I love visiting your blog. I loved looking at your Gardens Photos. Very lovely. I have roses but No tree roses and they are truly beautiful. Of course your stitching and is always wonderful. Hugs Judy

  2. Thanks for the tour...lovely!
    I can just imagine you and Bruce on the patio together in the evening. Life is sure worth living, isn't it?!


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