Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Secret Sister ROCKS !!!

In Crazy Quilting International (Yahoo group), we have assigned Secret Sisters this year. My SS, who is unknown to me (but identities will be revealed at the end of the year), has been such a great friend. Beyond the obvious generosity and forethought she's given to everything - her gifts and her words alike, there is an uncanny sense of timing. Her packages and notes always seem to arrive when I'm feeling emotionally "needy". They never fail to either (1) rev up my spirits or (2) bring me to tears of joy (and THEN rev up my spirits!).

So, whoever you are, dear one, you are VERY much appreciated. And you know, I'd love for you to write me some time - just write - and tell me something about you. Something that wouldn't reveal your identity, but would help me to get to know YOU better. Or maybe some obscure clues that I can begin putting together for the Grand Revelation.

The picture shows what my dear SS has sent to me just in the last two months. In June, she sent the rolls of vintage rayon ribbons. OMG. I'd been looking *everywhere* for that stuff to include as fringing on some purses. I've so far just fondled it a lot (I know you all understand....), but I feel a Creative Weekend coming on, LOL. The two books arrived today. I had neither and LOVE both. I've got another of Helan Pearce's books, and didn't even know about this one. What eye candy!! And the scents - they are so DO-able; I can't wait to read and study this book in more detail!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I'll leave you with a picture of Boomer that I snapped tonight. He's sitting on my ironing board, facing me as I was sitting in the armchair in my studio, stitching. Very obviously, he's thinking, "Gee Mom, I was hoping to get some attention from you tonight...."

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  1. That cat picture could be on LOLcats! You do have a lovely SS. And I'm sure you are just as good at sending lovely things to your recipient, too.


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