Thursday, June 2, 2011

For the Birds CQ Block & London Playdate

I finished my work on Cathy L’s “For the Birds” round robin block.  I believe this is the last block of that RR.  Working with all the prints is difficult because if you don’t go BOLD, or just cover things up, your stitching gets swallowed up.  I love the colors on this block, particularly the pinks and greens, so I chose to work with those.

Like Janet, who stitched before me, I used a doily in the corner to cover up some of the bright blue print. The dyed lace “greenery in the bottom left served the same purpose.   Isn’t that a great bird print fabric that she used??  I chose to put the upper bird in a nest in a tree (branches are there, but not very visible); the lower two birds are in the “thicket”, LOL. The doily and rick rack/crocheted trim are vintage.  Always have to add something vintage!

It is fun having DH home now.  His next arm surgery is scheduled for June 15, and he will be home on medical leave for a month after that. After that, he will be officially laid off/retired, with a generous severance/retirement package.  So for all intents and purposes, he is home to stay.   Our granddaughter London loves having “Amma and Papa” (grandma and grandpa) watching and playing with her on Tuesdays. Last Tuesday we took her to the little neighborhood park.

London on the swing.  Happy Girl!
Here she is on the slide. We started her on the baby slide, not knowing (until her daddy came to pick her up that evening) that she is a playground veteran!

I match the slide!
It wasn’t long before she wanted to go on the mid-sized slide, and then the big curvy one. She climbed everywhere confidently (although nervous Grammy here was right behind her anyway!)

I match the slide!

When she finally decided that the steps up out of the play area were more interesting than the slides and swings, we let her run around for awhile. She loved gathering the fallen “py-cohs” (pinecones). I thought she learned the word very quickly, but my son said she already knew it and loves to play with them.

She is 21 months old now and I can’t keep up with all her adventures. Yep, I’m a grammy alright - already a step or two behind! (wink, wink)

Cathy maroon


Laurie said...

What a beautiful block, and a beautiful London, Kathy, what adorable pictures, and great cq tips!

Anonymous said...

What an Absolute Darling child!!

Cat said...

London is sure growing! She is precious! Looks like lots of fun for Grammy!

I'm glad your DH is doing well with his arm surgery, prayers for continual healing.

Yay for the bit of sun in-between the clouds!

Have a great weekend Cathy!

MosaicMagpie said...

How London has grown and what a wise child she is. I know you love every minute she spends with you. Thanks for the commenting advice it seems to have helped!
The block is a good learning example for me. I wondered why more print fabric is not used in CQ and now I see that it competes with any stitching placed on it. Thanks for sharing, so we can learn.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Gorgeous block! I am loving that bird's nest built there - did you make that, Cathy?

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

London looks to be having a lot of fun with the two of you! Like how you've stitched this block. Enjoy your weekend.

Cathy said...

Thanks again for your work on another busy block of mine. Maybe I will get the point one of these days ;-)

Hey, my youngest gk is only a few months older than London and I don't know who is cuter. And Jacob can almost beat me at playing the match game!

Melody said...

OMG what a gorgeous block! So happy his arm is better...and what a cutey! Sounds like 2 goin on 5 LOL...I have only neices and nephews, but they take off and up like speed demons...can't keep up.
And, about a lucky... see there is a method to my madness....clean out garage/basement...make a 'mancave' area....I get much more needed space for tables ;0) I do decorative painting too, so fabric area upstairs, refinishing/painting area basement....hehe

Plays with Needles said...

I like the name Amma. I hope it's more unique than Grandma. Quick healing to Bruce and great job on that all prints challenge@!@