Saturday, May 28, 2022

Summer Has Arrived!

We’ve actually had some HOT days this week in the Salt Lake Valley. The month of May has generally given us cooler-than-usual temperatures and rain, but this week the sun got its way and warmed things up considerably. Since we are in drought conditions here in the west, Salt Lake County officials are asking us to water our lawns only once a week. Almost everyone has embraced the edict, and most lawns are green/gold/brown. I read on our Neighborhood app that there’s even lawn shaming going on for people who have green lawns or are caught watering in the heat of the day. We stick to the once per week schedule, but we water our flower beds and vegetable gardens (on drip irrigation) as often as necessary to keep them healthy. That practice is just fine. We are predicted to have 60-80% chance of rain showers over the next three days, so our fingers are crossed!

With things a bit dry outside, it was nice to get my “green fix” in the sewing room this week as I sewed on my dark greens for May’s monthly color in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I haven’t finished everything I set out to do this month, but there are still three days left before the actual end of the month. That will give me time to finish the last 4 elephant blocks and quilt up my last two green quilts for May. But let me show you what I did finish this week.

Fourteen Bow Tie blocks at 4.5”

Bear Paws at 12”, 6” and 3” (finished sizes)

Cousin Kim and I basted two large quilts last Sunday. One is hers and one is mine (the yellow and blue Hearts for Ukraine quilt). I’ll quilt those some time in June.

I did finish these to quilts for Quilts for Kids, and will be adding these to the pile of quilts I’m taking to our QFK workshop today.

First up is the green coin quilt. It measures 42x47”.

This was made from scraps except the sashing, which was a cut I bought on sale online a couple months ago. It was quilted with a simple stipple.

Don’t you love the little pops of orange?

The second quilt is this bright scrappy number. Oh my, I love green and orange together!!

This one finished at 38x44” and was also quilted in a simple stipple. The green in the border, backing and binding is Kona Iced Frappe. I used a lot of it in my seahorse quilts last year. 

This week Alfie and Darla celebrated their 9th birthday. I can’t believe time is zipping by so fast!

Alfalfa (Alfie)


And I’ll just leave you with that feline cuteness, because I’m off to our Quilts for Kids workshop now. Today we’ll be doing a lot of crumb sewing. 

Have a great week! Linking to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge’s Scrappy Saturday.


  1. Busy as a bee!
    Here, not so much. I am still down with whatever is the illness du jour. I'm not horrible, just no energy at all. My daughter has been gone this week delivering a pup to someone in Wyoming. If it was me I would not have done it, but she is young and adventurous!
    Happy Birthday to Alfie and Darla!

  2. Good progress on all your projects, Cathy!! Your posts always inspire me--not only with projects to add to my ever-growing list (haha--someone who shall remain nameless, is
    such an enabler!! ;}}} ), but also with your cheery words...
    Have a great weekend hugs, Julierose
    [P.S. I love that bow tie setting...let me see,-- No 3,457th-- "Bow ties" on Cathy's
    post check!!]

  3. Raining here with hot temps to follow for 3 or 4 days. Haven't been able to plant the zinnias and marigolds I bought from the boy scouts. My energy is low and anxiety high as my husband's memorial service approaches next Friday. Just trying to get through the days.

  4. You made a lot of green blocks. Love the Green coin quilt and agree the pop of orange adds interest to the backing. The second little quilt is so pretty. Hope you had a good afternoon sewing with Cousin Kim and your group. I still haven’t sewn a stitch all week.

  5. Well, if you can water flowers and veggies but not lawns then I'd turn my lawn into flower and veggie gardens! Lawns are highly overrated!
    I like the coin quilt with the one pop of red. And I never really thought green and orange went together but I see from your cute quilt that they do. Funny thing last month I decided for a challenge to make a quilt I like with colors I don't like as much as others and those colors are orange and lime green.

  6. Who knew that green and orange are so fun together?! I just discovered that this week. Your quilts for kids are darling as always. Happy Birthday to Darla and Alfie!

  7. Bow ties, bears paws and coins, always such a lot to see o your blog. Happy Birthday to your two little darlings!

  8. You are making such good progress on your quilts!

  9. Nice quilt finishes, Cathy! Hope you had fun at the QFK Workshop!!

  10. Love all those greens, but the green and orange together is my favorite! Happy birthday scritches to Alfie & Darla! Hope you get some rain soon!

  11. Why, yes I DO love the pops of orange! What great donation quilts.

  12. That one pop of red in the sea of green - love it. Lovely quilts, as usual. Darling kitties too. Hope you get a good downpour soon. I have not completed my RSC blocks for May. So much is happening and not enough. So much grief to process and my sewing cannot keep up...


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