Saturday, June 4, 2022

Rhapsody in Blue Scraps

Blues in dark and bright shades are the color of the month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I finally started on those yesterday, because I had a few green things to finish up from last month’s adventures with dark green and sage scraps. 

First I had to finish up my last two green elephants. I had a picture of them, but accidentally deleted it (which is kinda representative of how my week has been). But I do have a picture of all 13 green elephants made in May. 

Many, if not most, of these green elephants will be combined with blue elephants (and the green-blue print fabric of the second elephant down on the right side) to make the first two elephant donation quilts.

That was the last of the green blocks, although I never showed or even got a picture of the green crumb tumblers I made. I seem to miss photographing those. I’ll do better once the rows of various tumbler blocks begin to come together.

Next, I finished up the last two green quilts, one of which I’ve shown the flimsy of previously. I’d love to say that I finished these on schedule in May, but that wouldn’t be quite accurate. Unless we say I finished them on May 32nd! But I think we actually call that day June 1, so they will be my first finishes of June. *sigh*. Like I said, it’s been one of those weeks. 

First up is Flower Fairies. This panel (and the one used on the back) were sent to me by my friend Angie. I just pulled any matching scraps and chunks and strips that might match and began to play. The resulting quilt measures 38x51”.

Here’s the back:

This next one is totally a lazy use of miscellaneous width-of-fabric strips I’ve had on hand for a couple of years. They’re all from various Quilts for Kids scrap donations that I assembled into a grouping or “kit” color-themed around the two hedgehog strips (9th one down from top and the 5th one down from that). 

But it’s kinda cute in person and definitely cuddly - and uses up a pile of strips that may have languished for years without a purpose. The backing uses another cute dotted fabric piece given to me by Angie. I believe that is the last remaining piece to find a home from her generous donation (but who knows what still lurks in the remaining kits in the QFK piles!!) Thanks again, Angie!

This little green and brown quilt measures 38.5x45”.

Finally, then, I let myself start on some blue sewing. Here are four Antique Tile blocks:

That low-contrast navy one in the top right bothers me and will probably be either put on the quilt back or find another use altogether.

So, this coming week I’ll turn my attention to sewing blue elephants and working with these triangles that were given to me by our QFK President to “work some magic” with. HA! First I’ll continue sewing them into half-square triangle blocks, then play with endless layout possibilities. Stay tuned!

And that’s about all I’m up for! My back has been killing me for the last couple weeks. Too much bending over in the garden. I did get the flower pots planted and set out along the front walkway, thanks to help from Bruce and our trusty hand truck. I’ve been watering them by hand as the drip irrigation isn’t set up yet. But even when it is, I’ll still have to water them by hand because the drip system for the flower beds and pots is connected to the regular lawn watering system, and we’ve been asked to water only once per week. Things are beginning to bloom nicely here, so I’ll do a walk around the yard and snap some pix for my next post. 


  1. Another busy week. Sorry you have a sore back - not much fun I know from experience! Your strippy green and brown quilt is a great use of those miscellaneous strips - as you say, much better to be in a quilt instead of hiding away as scraps in a cupboard.

  2. You get so much done every week. I don't think I could get half as much done if I quit sleeping! The elephants are adorable and the less contrasty navy looks fine to me. I've been weeding some finally and every time I have to straighten up to haul the bucket of weeds out, I feel like an OLD lady! (I sure hope it doesn't get worse - a few steps and the kinks are worked out, but I'm too young to be this old!) As for May 32nd...well, in music a c sharp equals a d flat, right. So why can't May 32nd equal June 1st? (I think I got my musical terms's been a while!)

  3. Those elephants are just adorable in any color - love them in greens! Cute finishes for QFK, too. I experience that lower backache with yard work and gardening anymore, too. I find myself using a stool to sit on for planting most of the time. Finishing up the flowerpots is always a happy time!

  4. Adorable elephants! And I love the little hedgehog quilt, the colors go so well together. Good luck with the triangles, I'm sure you'll come up with something great.

  5. Hope that a bit of sewing time will let your back rest. Love that hedgehog fabric! What a fun quilt.

  6. Lovely herd of green elephants. I love your antique tile blocks. I think the top right one will blend in with the others. Give it a chance, it might surprise you. ;^)

  7. Great projects. Your elephants are adorable. Are they your own pattern?

  8. I'm woefully behind on planting containers and annuals. My husband's memorial service was Friday. Everything went well and it's a relief to have it over, but with out-of-town family still visiting, I haven't been able to devote time to gardens or sewing. And I have a 4 day quilt retreat coming up on Thursday that I have nothing planned for yet. I love the ever-expanding elephant herd.

  9. Love the green elephants. With all you have been doing, you deserve some fun "lazy" sewing time with WOF strips and it is a great simple quilt.

  10. The elephants in green and blue will look so good together! I see what you mean about the one block with lack of contrast, and it would probably work really well on the back as your label.

  11. Love those green elephants - they remind me of carved jade figurines! I'm so happy you were able to put all my fabrics to use. Much better to be stitched up as QFK than sit in my fabric drawers waiting for me to do something with them!

  12. The strips are simple and so effective.

  13. Yay - I'm happy that blue is the new colour (not that I - ahem - like blue or anything of the sort). Your green elephant herd looks amazing and I must also say that I always enjoy the peeks at the backings on your quilts. No boring backings for you!

  14. Your roses are lovely! What zone are you in? I’m in 9B near Houston, Tx. We are having a very hot dry year, but I do love roses. That Chilluly is gorgous. Sue


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