Saturday, May 14, 2022

A Quick Trip to Seattle

Hi! I managed to get some sewing done (more about that momentarily) before having to prepare for and leave on my trip to Seattle. As I write this, it’s late Saturday morning and my daughter will be released from the hospital within the next hour or two. The surgery went fairly well, although the endometriosis was a bit more widespread than anticipated, and they had to take her appendix as well as perform the hysterectomy. She was in a lot of pain initially, but it’s now under control. My son Ryan and I are planning to take an Uber to the hospital to go get her. Her boyfriend Ted has to go to work today, which is doubly important to them because Meg won’t be released to go back to work for at least four weeks. But we’ll all be here to help her out this evening and tomorrow before Ryan and I fly home tomorrow (Sunday) evening.

In the early part of the week, I allayed my motherly worrying by stitching on elephants. Here are the three pairs I sewed, in no particular order and based solely on how Blogger deigns to upload and then download them):

I’ll be making lots of elephants in all shades of greens and blues, because I’ll be sewing up two green and blue ellie quilts coordinated around the floral fabric in the elephant pictured below. Isn’t the fabric sweet?

So there is a method to my elephant madness!

Here is this week’s herd all together. 

After that little herd was done, and for a change of pace, I sewed up my dark green and neutral bullseye log cabin blocks. 

I pulled out one of the self-made scrappy “kits” made with some green scraps, and got some of it arranged on the design board. This is as far as I got before having to call it quits for the week . . .

To be continued next week. . .

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  1. Love your herd and all your green projects! Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery!

  2. The Ellies are so neat--I like your herd...and the bulls=eye log cabins are so pretty...
    You are really doing so well with RSC this "green" month..I sewed one more 36 sq block together this morning...the extent of my sewing--but they are mounting up...
    Glad to hear your daughter is doing better--that is a tough op to go through!!
    Hope for good healing for her...hugs, Julierose

  3. These GREEN ellies may be my favorite, Cathy! Safe journey home and wishing Megan a speedy recovery.

  4. Those elephants get cuter and cuter! You managed a lot of Green sewing despite being away. Hope Megan makes a good recovery, no wonder you were worried.

  5. Those elephants really are a great herd. Love all the greens. All best wishes to your daughter! You're a great mom to go up there and care for her. It's what we do, right?

  6. Love the green ellies - something about that color makes them very appealing!

  7. I hope Megan continued to improve all week, and that she is feeling "all better" soon. Sounds like she had a rough go of it! Good you were there to help. A girl needs her mama at times like those. I am loving all your ellies, but green ones! You can't go wrong with green!!


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