Monday, May 31, 2021

Hands 2 Help 2021

This year I’m participating once again with Hands 2 Help, a great online charity quilting drive organized by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  I’ve participated for several years in the past, but I think I missed out last year (pandemic?). 

But here I am in 2021. As I do ongoing charity quilting for the Salt Lake chapter of Quilts for Kids, I have chosen them as the charity I’m contributing to for Hands2Help. However, I don’t feel it’s fair to count ALL my charity quilts for purposes of this challenge, so I’ll only be showing the ones I’ve completed in March, April and May of this year - the months of Hands2Help. 

First, here is a collage of my quilts finished in March. You may notice that many of the first batch are in green - that’s because I follow along with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge every month, and use that as a guide to finishing some of my donation quilts.

Seven Donation Quilts, March 2021

For more information about these or any of the quilts, check out my “2021 Quilts” tab at the top of the blog (or just click the link I gave). All my quilts are listed with names, measurements and dates finished.

Next up are the six donation quilts I completed in April 2021.

Six Donation Quilts, April 2021

and finally....

Eight Donation Quilts, May 2021

That’s 21 donation quilts. I should mention that the quilt (wallhanging) in the bottom right of the above picture (the International Sisters pattern) is actually going to Harambe Humanitarian, a nonprofit organization here in Utah and Kenya that provides menstrual supplies and training for young girls of the Maasai tribe. This is the third (of 8 scheduled) quilts of mostly African fabrics that I’ve made for them for fundraising purposes.

I hope you’ll check out the 3rd and final link-up of finished quilts at the Hands2Help link-up at Confessions of a Quilt Addict. The world is a small place and any way we can help others is a wonderful thing.


  1. I sincerely hope that QFK - Salt Lake appreciates all you do for them, Cathy. You are kind and oh-SEW-generous to their cause!! I'm sure that Sarah is pleased to count your quilts among the H2H contributions.

  2. These are so beautiful, Cathy, and yes, I am pleased to count them in among the H2H contributions! Thanks for being part of H2H 2021!

  3. I love your color-coordinated donation quilts! You are so creative with them! Lots of kids are going to find comfort in those beauties.

  4. Remarkable accomplishment. I wish I had half your energy, maybe even just a quarter.

  5. Great to see all 21 donation quilts that you made in March, April and May. All lovely. My favourites are the String quilts and the red column one - that’s a really good idea to use RSC blocks using one colour. Amazing output, Cathy!

  6. Hi Cathy! Twenty-one quilts!! That is just amazing and I have enjoyed reading about and seeing each one. You are definitely a blessing to many, including each future recipient who will be wrapped in your love and care. There are loads of good wishes stitched into each piece. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. You are such a generous person, Cathy! I love your ultra scrappy pieces. They inspire me every week :)

  8. Beautiful and very generous work!

  9. Lovely array of quilts! Way to go, Cathy!


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