Thursday, July 11, 2019

Quarter 3 2019 Finish-Along Goals

The last calendar quarter was rather a dud for me - I only finished three of the 10 quilts on my goal list. There was traveling, making curtains for my brother, garden work, a lot of quilting of Quilts for Kids charity quilts, but not much of my own quilting. To be sure, I sewed a lot of blue, orange and aqua scrappy blocks in April, May and June. So I did move future projects along quite a bit. But actual finishes were few. For the next quarter, garden notwithstanding, I plan to remedy that!

Here’s my list.

1.   Crumbcakes

This is a Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) project that I’ve been working on for almost 2 years.

2.  On Ringo Lake

This one is a longshot to be finished because it’s always getting pushed farther down the line for other things. Frankly, I’m rather intimidated by the size and on point setting.

3.  Lemon-Lime

This will be a quilt for the daybed in our guest bedroom. I actually did 90% of the cutting last month.

4.   Firefighters.

I should call this one FirefLighters. This is a challenge for our Quilts for Kids group. We had lots of misprinted panels donated to our group. One square was printed with an extra “L” in the word Firefighter, making it FirefLighter. We all have a panel to sew up into a quilt, inserting a little pleat before quilting it to eliminate the extraneous “L”. 

If you’re curious, here is the offending misprint.

5.   Spokes

This will be an early quarter finish (hopefully); I’ve set it as my OMG (One Monthly Goal) for July. The flowers in the basket will need to be collaged over the orangey base. Then I’ll trim, quilt and bind it.

6.   Newport 

This is a quilt I’m planning for Cousin Kim to replace the one (of the same fabric) that she made for herself then gifted to her daughter. I am not yet set on the exact pattern.

7.   Alternate 9-Patch

I won these blocks in a Block Lotto drawing. Truthfully, I’m not crazy about them, so their priority is lower. It will be a donation quilt eventually.

8.  Pineapples Two

I made a pineapple quilt (think pieced pineapples) a couple years ago and want to make another one. I’ve already cut all the strips for the piecing and would love to finish this one for me this summer.

9.  Pink Donation Quilt

I have So.Many.Pink.Scraps!! So in addition to all the pink RSC blocks I’m sewing in July, I want to piece a simple 9-patch donation quilt for Quilts for Kids. You know, strike while the iron is hot! 

10.  Harambe Humanitarian African Sisters

I’m making lots of these blocks from Preeti’s International Sisters pattern. Eventually, they will be for several quilts. But one of them will be for me to keep and will take until next year to finish because I plan to sew ladies in all the rainbow colors (of skin tones and dresses). However, I’d like to finish at least one quilt in a limited color palette for Harambe Humanitarian this quarter. It will be a wall hanging, and the back (or front, as it will be two-sided) is an actual African fabric panel.

11.  Donation Quilt

I’ve had these fabrics pulled for over a year. Some are recent fabric lines, but one is an actual vintage piece (second from left) from an estate sale. 

12.  Gumdrops

This is a current RSC project of tumblers made of fabric scraps and selvages. In addition to what’s shown in this picture, I have a pink and a dark blue row sewn. Still left is purple, light blue, brown and possibly gray/black.

Although I would love to finish everything on this list this quarter, I know that real life will intervene. So, I’ll be happy if I can finish at least half. Fingers crossed...


  1. Holy cow that's an ambitious list for just a few months, but I've seen all you can do, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised! Now stop typing and reading and go sew!!!

  2. WOWSERS--10 in a month?? Better you than me--or rather--I could not even keep that many straight...good for you!!;)))
    I love the Bicycle and especially that crumb one...they are all lovely though...
    hugs, Julierose

  3. I admit I'm a little outraged by the fireflighter. My inner editor thinks that fabric should have been destroyed! But I'm glad your group found a simple work around to fix the spelling. Whew! And the drawings are super cute, especially the tiny traffic cones :)

  4. All that - and the garden too? Woman, do you ever sleep???

  5. LOL, a dart would be a great way to eliminate the L out of there!


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