Saturday, July 6, 2019

Pink July

The color of the month for July’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge is pink. I have so many pink scraps, which is not surprising considering I have six granddaughters. Oh, and I like pink too, hehe. Last year I didn’t even come close to using them all, so this year I am really going to make a concerted effort to reduce their numbers!

As usual, I started with my selvages.  Here are four 4-patches, sewn into one big 16” block. This is the seventh of 9 blocks I’ll need for a quilt. It’ll finish at 48x48” unless I add a border to enlarge it.

Next I sewed a row of selvage and fabric tumblers in pink, then added it to the selvage tumblers top (working name, Gumdrops).

I still have several rows to make for this; purple, light blue, gray, and brown.

And the last of the scrappy sewing for this week was 8 Cracker blocks.

In the garden, the lettuce, peas and rhubarb are still going strong, but the spinach is petering out. But that’s fine because we’ll probably plant a second crop in August.

The apricot tree is just days away from being ready. The fruit is mostly ripe, but just not quite there. Once they're ready, the next 3-4 weeks will be crazy time for me. I’ve gathered the old (and bought more new) jars for jam and freezer containers for putting up the apricot halves in light syrup; the supplies of pectin, sugar and ascorbic acid are assembled, the dehydrator is ready to go, as is the vacuum sealer. Friends and family are on standby, and I have lots of cardboard fruit flats and plastic clamshell containers for distributing and donating apricots. We don’t get bumper crops like this every year, so I don’t mind taking full advantage of it while I can!

Did you have a nice 4th of July? We stayed home by choice and had a relaxing day and yummy grilled burgers for dinner. The neighbors did lots of fireworks, including aerial displays. Guess who else enjoyed the fireworks? Well, it wasn’t Darla - she ran off and hid as the first firecrackers were lit. But Alfie perched himself in the front window (resting on the shutters as he always does) and watched it all. Here’s a picture, but I need to warn you that it’s dark. We were watching TV and I turned off the lights to try and get both Alfie and the fireworks in the same shot.  He cracked me up. That is one strange cat!


  1. I love the name Gumdrops for that quilt. It's perfect! And Alfie is such a goof. Some if my cats were indifferent to the fireworks, but one in particular placed and worried the whole time. I felt bad, but there wasn't anything I could do but reassure her it was fine.

  2. Poor Darla! Alfie is so brave. What a fun couple of cats! I just LOVE your cracker blocks. Great utilization of pink scraps this week.

  3. Always fun to see what you've been working on each week, Cathy! I agree, Gumdrops is the perfect name for your tumbler quilt. Have fun with the apricots! :)

  4. A gumdrop quilt--what a great idea! And so pretty with all your selvages. Good luck with all your apricots. I wish we had more of them around here.

  5. Everything looks good in pink but I especially love those cracker blocks! What a funny photo of Alfie watching the fireworks! Animals are so entertaining. What would we do without them?

  6. Angel has no fear of fireworks (or much of anything else) but she doesn't watch them. Alfie is weird! But in a good way :)

    I'm still debating how to arrange my tumblers, and your rows by color are very appealing. You're almost ready to finish that top!

  7. Love the juicy pink blocks!!! The cracker blocks rock!!!
    Had a very quiet July 4th. Paul had to work :-(

  8. What a great start with your pinks! What month is it anyway? I have been enjoying picking things out of the garden on an "as needed" basis...except this morning about 6 heads of lettuce said I have to eat them now or they are going to bolt. So good luck with the apricots!

  9. Such a fun guy is that Alfie - don't think I know of too many cats that would enjoy fireworks. Gumdrops is the perfect name!!!


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