Thursday, April 11, 2019

Finish-Along Goals for Second Quarter

It’s time to set our goals for the 2019 Finish-Along, 2nd Quarter. I always find this quarterly challenge (with a drawing at the end for prizes based on finishes) to be so motivating and inspiring. So once again I’m linking up to the 2nd Quarter goal-setting post HERE.

I have selected 10 projects/goals for the second quarter. Here they are, in no particular order.


This has been in my pile of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) for over a year. In fact, it’s my oldest unfinished quilt project, although I do have some older stitcheries. Unfortunately, until I get my carpal tunnel issues handled, stitching by hand is out of the question. Anyway, I may simplify this from the original on-point setting to something easier. Or who knows... maybe I’ll gut it out as is.


This quilt, like On Ringo Lake above, is a Bonnie Hunter mystery pattern. Good Fortune is the current (2018-2019) mystery. I have pieced about 60-75% of all the pieces, because I wanted to do a smaller version. This is also my personal OMG (One Monthly Goal) for April, so it’s the highest priority for finish. Yikes!


I did a Pineapple Quilt (with pieced pineapples, not the classic zillion-pieces block) a couple years ago. It was so much fun, I want to make another one for myself since the first one went to my granddaughter Lauren. I’ve already done a lot of the strip cutting.


I just realized that I haven’t blogged about this project yet. It was started back in February when we went on vacation to Arizona. Currently I have 80 out of 120 (I think) blocks pieced. It is such a blast to work on that I have to force myself to work on other things that have higher priority!


This needs a better name, too, but I don’t care. It’s just going to be a donation quilt. I won these Nine-patch in Four-patch blocks in the Block Lotto in February. I have to sew several more (but not too many) and will then whip it up into a donation quilt.  This picture shows nine of the blocks together.


I did a stacked coins quilt last month in gray, blues and reds; a more masculine or at least a more gender-neutral color scheme. This one will use some of my multi-colored scraps in greens, aqua and yellows with touches of other colors and flowers for a more feminine version. I am seriously trying to cull my basket of multi-colored scraps.


This is a Rainbow Scrap Challenge project that I’ve been working on for over a year. In 2018 I made 6” crumb blocks and this year I’m sewing them into these 13” (finished) Crumbcake blocks by adding black sashing. Sometimes I have to sew up a few 6” blocks to come out to an even number to make the 4-patch Crumbcakes. But I’m down to the last 2-3 colors, so I want to finish it off this quarter to avoid a year-end logjam.


Cousin Kim and I both bought this Newport Place Layer Cake (10” pack of squares) a couple years ago. Last year, Kim made herself a small quilt of half-rectangles from hers (which I blogged about HERE). Then she gave it away. So, I’m going to surprise her and make her another one, only in a different pattern and with some Kona Snow, a floral border (fabric on order) and that old Tula Pink clamshell print on the back. Kim follows me on Instagram and Facebook, but doesn’t read my blog (I don’t think), so I think it’s safe to show this.  :-)


We are doing some updating to our guest bedroom. The gray paint on the ceiling and baseboards will get a refresh of white paint. The dark wood ceiling fan will be painted white and the gray carpet shampooed. And I need to make a new quilt for the daybed since is has an old store-bought (blasphemy!) quilt on it. I bought this Pepper and Flax fabric (and some other coordinates mixed in) at last year’s Utah Shop Hop in May/June. Time to get a move on!! I have mostly sworn off buying single fabric lines as being too matchy-matchy, but (a) these were the exact colors I wanted and (b) I still have older stash to use!


This one isn’t even started, but I’m adding it to the list anyway. I fell in love with this pattern last year and cannot wait to start it. It has some fusible appliqué, but I don’t care; I love it too much. (After last year’s Groovy Guitars, I swore off doing appliqué, but... like Goal #9 above, I am reneging on that....) I can’t wait to hang this cheery wall hanging in my living room. And I can’t wait to get on my bike (when it stops raining) and RIDE it this spring!!

Well, since I mentioned fusible appliqué, I have to chuckle and tell you that I just ordered two more fusible appliqué projects from Missouri Star Quilt Company. They’re called Sew-fari kits, and I fell in love with the elephant and the giraffe. I’m going to keep the elephant (when I make it) for us and give the giraffe to Harambe Humanitarian for a fundraiser! But these finishes are not on my list for this quarter, because unless I clone myself, there is no way they’ll get made until third quarter!!

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  1. Great variety here! I always find inspiration on your blog, Cathy, because you work on so many different and interesting projects :)

  2. You certainly won't be bored this quarter. This is the season when my progress slows down because outside chores in the yard take over. Plus we don't have air conditioning so if this summer is as hot as last year, I can't even sew when it's too hot to garden. I know what you mean about the multi colored scraps piling up. The downside of RSC is not doing blocks that use the multi's, so maybe I should try the string block design. Right now I need to figure out what to take to retreat in 3 weeks.

  3. You have a lot of good projects waiting their turn. I would be embarrassed to show all of mine. I am especially interested to see what you do with On Ringo Lake, as I am in a similar predicament.

  4. You certainly will have a lot of quilting to do for the quarter. I hope you will get them all done. I love the Newport fabrics, similar to one I used a year ago. It deserves some larger piecing to show off the beautiful flowers. The bicycle while hanging is really really cute. I get frustrated with all the multicolored scraps I seem to have. Everyone seems to have such beautiful one color prints Well, have a great week and I hope you have nice weather also to enjoy the garden.

  5. Hi Cathy! Lots of great projects here. I love that layer cake project for your cousin, Kim. I hope she doesn't read the blog as it sure would be a lovely surprise for her. I saw the elephant and giraffe from MSQC and thought long and hard about ordering the kits myself. And that bicycle kit - I have been meaning to make something along these lines myself for my boss. It hasn't happened yet but maybe seeing your project will get me going! Finally, I'm going to encourage you to work on Good Fortune - I want you to meet your April OMG. Happy Friday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I already know you've cloned yourself. You must have because no mortal woman could ever finish what you do without having a few more of yourselves working in the background. That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it!!! I also know there is no possible way you ever sleep.

  7. LOVE those Bicycle Spokes. Can't wait to see that one. I swear off applique too and it comes right back to me with another project. Your Block Lotto win should go together quickly. Those scrappy black string stars really caught my eye. As always, there are a lot of fun, beautiful projects here. Hope your carpel tunnel improves with the summer weather (if that's possible).

  8. Given your usual productivity, I thought you had already cloned yourself...
    Good luck with all these lovelies! With so many fun things on the list, it's going to be hard to choose which one to do first!

  9. Wow! You have such a long list, yet you're likely to finish them all. I like your crumb cakes - a great way to use up small scraps. How about Starry Night as title for the string stars quilt, or Stringy Starry Night?


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