Tuesday, April 23, 2019

3 Quilts for Hands2Help

Yesterday I mailed off three donation quilts for the annual Hands2Help charity quilt drive that Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict runs. I’m linking up to the final tally post HERE.

Jack’s Basket is a nonprofit group that celebrates the birth of children born with Down Syndrome. They provide parents with love and support, and a basket filled with a blanket/quilt, supplies and information. These two quilts - actually a quilt and a double-sided flannel blanket - both measuring approximately 36” square (as requested) were mailed off yesterday. 

I also boxed up and mailed a bed-sized quilt to the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project. They are trying to provide thousands of quilts to families who lost their homes in the tragic hurricanes of last year.  Yeah, the picture shows it boxed up.

But here’s a picture of the quilt (made last year and held for Hands2Help) before it was boxed up.

I have eight more quilts that I’ll be donating locally to Quilty Hugs, but I will hand deliver those like last year and blog about them separately. For now I just wanted to get these three in the mail and accounted for.  

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I have three quick pictures from our front yard, which is still in the midst of its spring clean-up. So no wisecracks about the messy beds!

We bought this Talavera hanging pot last February in Arizona. I had visions of hanging it on this shepherd’s hook in the front yard with pansies. I used to have a bird feeder there, but the birds prefer the backyard where things are more sheltered. Anyway, as I was hanging it the first time, it slipped from my hand (the s-hooks were not strong) and it fell against the fancy concrete edging of the flower bed. It broke into four pieces. But the breaks were clean, and Bruce was able to glue the pieces back together again. After letting it dry for a few days and replacing the s-hooks with a stronger gauge, I replanted it and let Bruce hang it. 

Our early spring flowers in the front are pink! We have the bleeding hearts and pink tulips here.  This view is looking east along the front walkway.

And this is the same little bed looking from the other direction. You can see one yellow daffodil in the raised bed to the center left of the photo; the rest of that planter area isn’t visible.

We visited a nursery today to get the last of our vegetable garden starts; seed potatoes and onions, plus tomato and pepper plants. They’re on the covered patio for a few nights and should get planted sometime over the next week. We also bought a few perennial plants for our pollinator habitat, which is mostly done. I’ll blog about that soon. Tomorrow we’re going to Home Depot to pick up some hardware for the second compost bin that Bruce is building, plus I may pick up another couple taller perennials for the pollinator habitat. I try to get some sewing in here and there, and will have some progress to share later this week. 


  1. Wonderful work, Cathy! Your donation is SEW generous. I absolutely LOVE that Hurricane quilt!!

  2. I love seeing that big quilt again! Such luscious colors. It will truly comfort a family that has lost so much. And I enjoyed seeing all your spring flowers! Even though we're in warm weather, we haven't seen much blooming here along the coast. I know the flowers are out there, though, because I wake up sneezing each day :P

  3. Love your H2H quilt, so cheerful. Your garden is off to a great start. I love the bleeding hearts and your colorful pot.

  4. Wonderful work! Love seeing your garden! I’m still in the midst of cleanup, having to work now in 80-90 degree temps

  5. Beautiful! I love spring flowers! Hoping that by next year we will have my raised flower bed finished and planted! (we are old and slow and ache!)

  6. I'm glad I can read your blog to keep track of everything that's going on. Time to get my quilt boxed up and sent out too!

  7. Hi Cathy! Oh, those Bleeding Hearts and tulips look so darn pretty. My BH accidentally got pulled out last summer and I haven't replaced it yet. Seeing your pictures makes me want to RUN to the garden shop right this minute and get one. Of course, that will have to wait as they are saying we're getting snow tomorrow - 4" to a foot! I hope my daffodils survive, but I suspect they are hardy. Oh, your quilts are just beautiful. I especially love the one you sent to the Carolina collect. It looks so nice and happy on the bed. Whoever receives each of them will surely feel all the care and love stitched into it. Happy Friday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. I don't think there are too many people more generous than you! Enjoyed seeing your flowers - finally saw a couple daffodils when we were out today so maybe there's hope for spring here. Had some more snow last night - luckily not much of it!!


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