Friday, August 18, 2017

Finally - I finished a YELLOW Project!

This project is two months behind, color-wise, as yellow was the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for June. But it is finally done, and I have a couple pictures to share.

Pineapples finished at 63x82” (60x80” after washing). I love this picture out in the backyard, with the hollyhocks blooming in the background. My brother is standing on a chair holding it up.

And here is the back. It is an old bedsheets that cousin Kim gave me - a two-toned green pineapple print. I had enough of the fabric left over to use it as binding too.  That upper left  corner in the picture? Steve is pinching the quilt as he holds it, LOL. I guess I am going to have to give him a crash course in holding quilts for pictures.

This finish crosses off #6 on my list of 3rd Quarter Finish-Along goals, which can be seen HERE

And below are some of the tulips I did. My friend Terri is doing the other half and is using some gold color in a few of hers, too. We are both using several of the same Joel Dewberry fabrics with a few others added in as well. Next time we get together we can lay them all out on the design board and sew up the top. I will quilt it (probably just a simple loop or stipple, then Terri will bind it.  There is no rush on this, however, as it is meant as a Christmas present. We both are working on other projects in the meantime, so this will now be set aside for a couple months.

I didn’t work on any neutral scraps this past week. But in addition to the pineapples and tulips, I did some mending and have mostly completed two large Euroshams to match my Aria bedspread. I don’t know why I’m actually doing them, because I like the clean look of the bed without all the big pillows on it. But I have the leftover fabric and the large fluffy pillows have to be put SOMEWHERE since my closets are overflowing with quilts again.

This coming week: more neutrals for sure! Plus finishing up the Aria shams and making a start on the guitar quilt for Bruce. In the meantime, why not join us over at Angela’s blog for Scrappy Saturday??

Cathy maroon


  1. Just a gorgeous finish--hearty congratulations--such a sweet quilt. I especially love that pink pineapple--just really makes it!! Same color as your hollyhocks--;)))
    Those tulips are so neat...hugs, Julierose

  2. Beautiful finish on the pineapples! They make a cozy and charming quilt!
    (and you have Hollyhocks!? They don't grow here - I've never seen any in person - they look lovely!)

  3. I just love that quilt, Cathy! The backing and binding couldn't be more perfect for it. I've made one pineapple block into a mini, but maybe I need to make more! Sounds like you are putting your brother to work! :)

  4. The pineapples were worth the wait, a lovely quilt. Perfect summery theme. And the tulips are so pretty and fresh! Very sweet.

  5. The pineapples turned out awesome!! I need to get moving on mine!! I really like the tulips too. Someone is going to love their Christmas present. Have fun with neutrals!!

  6. Congrats! on completing your Pink Pineapple Surprise Quilt. (My name, maybe not yours.) SEW... have you scheduled those "quilt holder lessons" for your brother yet??? LOL

  7. Congratulations! The pineapples turned out beautifully, and I love the tulips too. That will be another great quilt!

  8. The pineapples look great. And the tulips I love.

  9. Delicious! And Molly thinks that sometimes you have to bite neutrals before they bite you.

  10. Oh yeah - "Finally" - !!!! (said with tongue firmly in cheek). I really like your pineapple quilt - and the unexpected pink one just raises the level of interest.

  11. Your pineapple quilt is gorgeous - I have been enjoying your blog very much. I am curious to know about the pink pineapple - do you have a story that goes with that?
    I was directed here by a Facebook post showing a beautifully made crazy patchwork cushion with fall icons such as pumpkin, flowers and squirrel - absolutely stunning.
    preferred email perry94022 at hotmail dot com


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