Saturday, March 30, 2019

Going Out Like a Green Lion

March came in like a lion and was supposed to go out like a lamb, but we’ve had snow and rain the last couple days. And it’s forecast for the remainder of the weekend. *Sigh*. At least the grass is beginning to green up, even as we say goodbye to the March color of the month, green, this weekend at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Scrappy Saturday link-up.

I have no new green blocks to share this week, but I always like to do a summary of the blocks made during the month.

This month I made:
12     Garlic Knot 8.5” blocks
16     9-Patch Variation blocks, 6.5”
4       Crumb blocks, which I combined with last year’s blocks to sew into 5
                Crumbcakes blocks at 13.5”
8       Anvil blocks, 8.5”
12     Cracker blocks, 7.75”
8       String blocks, 9.5”
4       Selvage 4-Patches, 8.5”
1       Row of Green selvage and fabric tumblers
2       Bitcoin blocks, which I forgot to photograph!!
Total:  67 blocks/rows. A good, productive sewing month.

This week I finished quilting and binding another donation quilt for Hands2Help. I showed you the flimsy of Place Your Bet (a stacked coins quilt) last week. Here is the finished quilt.

Again, not a glamorous finish, but a serviceable masculine donation quilt. Place Your Bet measures 55x66” and I used a quick and simple stipple to quilt it.

That brought my total quilts finished for March to 6. The two elephant quilts were already tops, the Blues quilt in the upper right of the collage came from the parts department, and Birds in the Lattice was professionally quilted. So I had a good, early start. Since I had zero finishes in February, it sort of evens out. And the finishes for the first quarter total 9 quilts, averaging about 3 per month.

I’ve got 3 little blanket/quilt-type finishes that I’ll show next month. I’ve been making them for Jack’s Basket, one of the Hands2Help charities. I have one more that I may make, so once I decide to do it or not, I’ll show the 3-4 finishes. One of the finishes is just double flannel blanket (no batting), two are cotton and flannel whole-cloth baby quilts with batting, and the fourth will be a cotton fabric whole-cloth baby quilt. These top out at 36” square, so I’m not even counting them in my quilt make totals. So it’s been a lot of sewing.

Now, picture me here drumming my fingers, waiting for spring to return. Bruce is ready to get our bicycles all fixed up (tires lined and pumped, bikes oiled and cleaned, etc) if it will stop raining and snowing. He did get to spend all of one afternoon outside, weeding the vegetable garden beds. We’re anxious to get out and do some yard clean-up and dead bush removal. Our snowball bush on the east side yard died over the winter. It was looking pretty bad last year, so we suspected we’d lose it. I’m thinking I might find a nice rose bush to replace it with, because roses are always the answer with me, LOL. Hurry up, Spring!!


  1. Love the bird quilt top. It's beautiful.

  2. Yes, me, too, I have to say. I'm enchanted with the lovely bird chain. So sweet! So happy for you that you're putting together so many lovely quilt tops. I know whoever receives them will appreciate your divine effort. Keep up the wonderful work!

  3. Love, love, LOVE all of your GREEN blocks for the RSC!! Place Your Bet is a wonderfully moody quilt. Masculine? Maybe, but I think ANY ONE would enjoy this quilt!

  4. Wow so many great projects you've done for RSC!
    Beautiful finished quilts you show. Love the elephant quilt and the beautiful birds quilt. :-)

  5. Your green blocks all look great, but you know my favourite has to be those birdies!! Snow here this morning too and then it's been ice pellets and rain off an on for the rest of the day. More of the same tomorrow they say.

  6. I always love seeing your end-of-the-month collection of scrappy blocks. It's amazing how many blocks you make every month! They all look wonderful, and you have some beautiful finishes too. Love the birds quilt!

  7. What a lovely and varied collection of green goodies you've completed in March!
    Your Bird quilt turned out beautifully! You are really moving there girl hugs, Julierose

  8. We are waiting for Spring here as well. Love those string blocks and really like the selvege blocks.

  9. So many pretty greens in your collage of photos, Cathy! You accomplished a lot this month - always an inspiration to me!

  10. You really outdid yourself this month, like a roaring lion. I hope we can all get out and enjoy the gardens, just being outside. A rose is definitely the answer. I wish I had a garden, but I have two large pots on my shady deck. Impatiens are my favorite flower for one pot, cheerful color all summer. I’m thinking I’ll try rainbow chard and the other one, just to see if it will grow. Have a fun week!

  11. It's always nice to see your end of month summaries! You are quite accomplished!

  12. Seeing all that green really makes me smile! Things are greening up quite nicely here, but we're having some March lion today - rain, wind and chilly temps - almost chilly enough to turn the heat back on!

  13. Congrats on sewing up so much green! Your bird quilt is so pretty!

  14. I think the stacked coins are quite fun! Just because it's easy to piece doesn't mean it's less cozy and appealing :)

  15. You had a very productive month. It was 67 here yesterday, but very windy. Then dropped into the 20's with cold, wind and snow flurries today. I'm ready for spring. And I've lost some plants and shrubs too, but mostly due to wildlife damage. Hang on, it will warm up soon.

  16. Wow, what a great variety of green blocks. You've been very busy!!


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