Monday, March 18, 2019

The Blues - a Quilt Finish

For lack of a better name, I’ve been calling this quilt The Blues. It doesn’t give me the blues - in fact, it makes me rather happy - but it is mostly from leftover blue quilt blocks that have been sitting in the Parts Department for far too long.

It was my Goal #10 for the 1st Quarter 2019 Finish-Along, which you can see HERE.

You can see I had to add in 4 green blocks (corners) and some other multi-colored blocks in the center column, but it did knock out most of the blue blocks I had as well as some other blue “parts”. I love how the blue pieces came together in the center row, third block down, to make what looks to me like a necktie! Kind of a bow tie and necktie together, hehe.

I used all the leftover gray swiss dot I had to do the sashing, but ran out before I was able to do sashes across the top or bottom. But that’s OK - it measures a cozy 44x54” (before I washed it; it shrank a couple inches in each direction after). The batting was Franken-pieced Warm and Plush.

The backing was a 2-yard piece I’d won in a contest last year, and even the binding was pieced from leftover bits of other projects.

The quilting was simple loops, using the remains of two different blue spools. A true scrappy project through and through. This child-sized quilt will be donated to one of the Hands 2 Help charities this spring. The donation stack is growing!!


  1. I instantly thought "Blue Skies" when I saw your finish!
    I hope you are experiencing Blue Skies where you are! I am and I am loving it!

  2. A very pretty quilt. Those green corner blocks were an excellent idea - they really frame the quilt beautifully. A great addition to your donation stash.

  3. Another quilt that I'm sure will be well-loved. My favourite colour too!

  4. Congrats on meeting goal and another finish! You made good use of those orphans and parts and it looks so comfy and cozy.

  5. It really pays to make blocks consistently in certain sizes, so you can put them together like this. Great finish!

  6. I love the term "frankenbat", it always leaves me with these visions of green batting with big zigzag stitches. Congrats on finding a place for your some of your left over parts and pieces.

  7. Wonderfully scrappy finish. Thanks for inspiring how to use up more scrappy orphan blocks.

  8. I love these kinds of quilts so much! They are truly scrappy "sampler block" quilts and unique in every way. The cool blues with touches of green are so pretty and fun! Great quilt, Cathy :)


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