Saturday, November 3, 2018

Making Some Progress

Autumn is progressing nicely here in the Salt Lake Valley. The leaves are bright and about half-on, half-off the trees. Halloween evening was cool, but not frigid, and the kids turned out for their treats as expected. We handed out mini pumpkins from our garden and stickers. We also had some candy in case of an “emergency”, but most of the little ghouls and goblins were happy without.

I made some decent progress on my quilting projects this week. It feels so good to feel physically good again, without the aches and pains of pinched nerves and side effects from medications. So, here is what emerged from the needle this week.

Exploding Boxes is a flimsy! This is a Rainbow Scrap project that I started in January. It’s made from the quarter log cabin blocks I sewed every month. The only color I didn’t include was light blue. Those were the blocks from the first month, and the center starting squares  were quite a bit larger than I did in subsequent months. So, into the Parts Department they went.

Now it’s ready to be basted and quilted, which is on the schedule for the upcoming week. I’m wavering on the choice of fabrics for the back. I have several pieces large enough, or I could cobble together some extraneous fat quarters. Still thinking...... Anyway, I’m linking up to Angela’s Scrappy Saturday blog post. Come see all the fun projects being finished up!
About the name Exploding Boxes - rather an unfortunate metaphor for our times, sadly.  But that is what this style is called.... 

After assembling the above quilt top, I began working on my On Ringo Lake blocks, the Bonnie Hunter 2017 mystery quilt. They’ve been sitting untouched since last February. Somehow, I thought I was farther along, but
I’d previously only stitched up 16 of the 50 blocks. At least all the component parts for the rest were made. So this week I stitched up the remaining 34 blocks and got them all trimmed and neatly pressed (after the picture). My goal this week is to get the rest of the top (sashing, cornerstones and setting triangles) pieced. Wish me luck! 

It was on my list this week to assess the status of my Let it Snow project that I started 2 or three years ago. It’s a finish goal for this quarters 2018 Finish Along. Well, all the trees were made and the house was already cut. So, I sewed up the house and then sewed it and the trees into the four rows. This was the work of maybe a couple hours. And here is where that project now stands.

Yes, there are wonky trees and trunks, which I can assure you was NOT intentional. Apparently my sewing skills over the last three years have improved. At any rate, there will be some sort of colored border added. Then I can use the rest of my quilt basting spray to get this layered and ready for some swirly snowy quilting. I don’t plan to hang it until after Thanksgiving, so there is no great rush.

If I have any time after working on those projects, or if I find a time machine, I’ll begin stitching windmill blocks for All You Need is Love.

Today Cousin Kim and I are going to IKEA.  Earlier this week Bruce and I visited DD Stacy and family in their new home way out in Stansbury Park, a 40 minute drive from here in the valley. It’s a huge place, 6 bedrooms, and they’re still in the process of unpacking. Each of their kids will have their own bedroom, and they now have lots of space to fill up and furniture to buy. So, we’re just going to give them an IKEA gift card as a housewarming gift. Yeah, I could probably order it online and have it mailed, but why pass up a Girls Day Out when Kim and I could just go there, shop, have lunch, etc etc.....


  1. BEAUTIFUL, colorful, fun RSC quilt! Looks 3D! You go girl!

  2. Love, love, love your Exploding Boxes! What size are the individual blocks? Have fun at Ikea! A trip there is always good for lots of steps on the Fitbit. :)

  3. Love your 1/4 log cabins. What size are the blocks?
    You are very inspirational.

  4. Wow, the exploding boxes are really exploding! What a great metaphor for returning to health. And I should warn you about your trip to IKEA...some of their Christmas decorations are downright squirrelly.

  5. I love your Exploding Boxes! And this little house in the wood is very cute!

  6. I've enjoyed seeing your 1/4 log cabin blocks all year long, but seeing them all together is amazing! I love the riot of color and your layout. It looks fabulous! (I might need to make these blocks next year for the RSC.)

  7. Lovely projects, all of them. The Exploding Boxes flimsy is gorgeous! Love the way the design makes the 1/4 Log Cabins look as though they overlap, which works even better with your strong rainbow colours. Sounds as though you have a VERY busy sewing week ahead with the Bonnie project. Good luck. ☘️

  8. I LOVE the rainbow Exploding Boxes. I have been intrigued by the pattern but have not tried it. I may just have too. Thanks for the inspiration. I also love your Let It Snow top so far and look forward to seeing what else you do with it.

  9. Exploding Boxes looks fantastic! I love the explosion of color; did not think of the unfortunate connotation until you mentioned it. Maybe Confetti Boxes?
    The Christmas tree quilt is fun - my Dear Hubby would love this; might have to look for a pattern.
    I love/hate IKEA. There is one near our son's apartment in Dallas; have not been in several years, but I think we will venture in while visiting in late November. Have fun and let me know if there's anything I NEED to check out!

  10. Let It Snow is a fun little project! I don't think I've ever seen it on your blog. You must have worked on it before I started following you. And your RSC log cabins are just so bright and happy! Hooray for getting them this far along! Have a great time at IKEA. It's always fun to wander through their showroom :)

  11. So glad you're feeling better!
    Those exploding boxes are exploding beautifully! I've been admiring those blocks all year and the finish is even better than I imagined! I love it!
    I went for a smaller version of Ringo, so I got it all assembled this week. Like yours, mine had sat untouched since February. Feels good to have it done! Good luck!

  12. I love your Rainbow quilt! So dynamic! I've copied the photo so I don't forget to make quarter Log Cabin blocks too!

  13. Love your Exploding Boxes! Very colorful! Your Christmas quilt is looking good too. Good luck with On Ringo Lake, I'm trying to at least get all the blocks finished before the new mystery starts this month.

  14. I got a huge smile on my face when I saw exploding boxes! It's such a happy quilt! How about between us, we call it Expanding Boxes? (exploding is a harsh word for such a pretty quilt!)
    We don't get trick or treaters here. I'm smack dab in the middle of five acres. My land drops 30 feet or so at the front and can't really be seen from the road. (and it's kind of spooky at night, I guess that's the point, but no one brings their children down our street) The businesses in town open their doors and pass out candy to all the little (and big) hob goblins. I think it's safer too. Plus the businesses get advertising!
    Let It Snow is cute! I think the wonkiness is appropriate. Who ever saw a forest of trees that was perfect?
    As your usual, I am amazed at how much you accomplish, plus getting in a trip to IKEA as well. How fun!!!

  15. Exploding Boxes is the only placement for these blocks that makes sense to me, otherwise they seem like failed log cabins. Love,love, love all the trees. Real ones are all wonky. Were you ever able to find a perfect Christmas tree? They all have no perfect front side, have to cover gaps with lots of ornaments and tinsel, etc. So they ARE perfect. Have a fun week!

  16. Oh, Exploding Boxes is glorious! Or maybe exploding rainbows; however, I made no connection with actual exploding boxes until your mention.
    I've seen a lot of people getting their Ringo blocks out now that it's time for a new mystery. Too funny that lots of people wait until the new mystery to finish the old.
    No Ikea here. But I don't shop much so probably wouldn't go there if there was one here.

    Sew on! You're doing great things!

  17. I think your exploding log cabin is one of my absolute favourite 'logs' I've ever seen. The setting is so different from most and the colours are fantastic. I'd love to snuggle under that one, for sure. Let It Snow is sweet and who cares if part of it is wonky....just adds to the charm. After all, not all trees in nature are perfectly formed either.


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