Saturday, July 7, 2018

Finish-Along Quarter 3 Goals

I’ll be in Africa when the linkup for the goal-setting post for the 3rd quarter Finish Along goes live. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I will find some access to wifi so that I can link up this post and participate.

For me, this quarter is going to be focused on finishing up so many projects that have been started over the last year or two. I really want to clear out my queue, or at least greatly whittle it down, so that I can focus on Christmas sewing and new projects come winter. Therefore, this list is ambitious.

1.  Let it Snow

This is a project I’ve had on and off on my lists for two years. I’m going to finish it this quarter! I’ve finally bought a cute hanger for quilty wallhangings in the living room. So now I have a place to hang it (when the time comes) and incentive to finish it.  This is a Heather Mulder Petersen pattern and the fabric is Kate Spain. I still love it, which is a good sign.

2.  Linked Squares

This picture shows three pink blocks, but I’ve completed 18 out of 20 blocks in all colors. I just need to make 2 orange blocks when the RSC color of the month is orange and sew all the blocks together without sashing. The quilt will finish at 64x80 and probably become a donation quilt.

3.   All You Need is Love.

There is a lot to do on this quilt; more of the pictured blocks in dark blue, light green and orange. Then a black and white checkerboard row and then the 54 pink hears (already made), and a final round of some 8” block that I haven’t even selected. The quilt will eventually be for my daughter, but it's a long shot for this quarter.

4.   Orange Lozenges

I’ve been working on this project a bit recently and it’s farther along than this. I’d love to have it done for fall.

5.   Apron for myself.

I need a new apron badly, and with the summer and fall harvest, I’ll be spending more time than usual in the kitchen. So this is a priority for me.

6.  Aqua Donation Quilt

I whipped up this cute little top last month with charm squares and some leftover neutral fabric. It just needs to be layered, quilted and bound.

7.  Bowties Quilt

The collage shows some of the bowties I’ve been working on, by color, for the last year. I think I have less than a dozen left to make, then I can begin assembly of the top. The colors will be mixed, but I haven’t decided yet on a setting.

8.  Groovy Guitars

My husband Bruce has been so patient waiting for this quilt of his. I still have some hand sewing to do on it - stitching down those small yellow and green circles. Then I will need to quilt it; a simple stipple for the black areas, lines for the guitar necks (to mimic strings) and ??? for the guitar bodies. This is a high priority for this quarter. 

9.   Farm Girl

Now that this has (finally) been stitched into a top, the rest will be easy. It needs to be layered, quilted, bound.

10. and 11.

These embroideries are with me on my trip to Africa. I plan to work on them during the looooong flights from Salt Lake City to Amsterdam to Nairobi and back again. I have no specific plans for them yet. 

12.  On Ringo Lake

I joined Bonnie Hunter’s annual quilt-along last December and made great progress until BAM! The steps came right on top of each other near the end, and I got behind. Then the Rainbow Scrap Challenge started up in January, and this has been tabled ever since. I’m not sure I’ll get to it this quarter. However, if I finish up lots of the other goals, this should at least move up on the list!!

And those are my goals for the third quarter of 2018. Fingers crossed that I can link up and make good progress!

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  1. You're really close on so many of these! I'm sure you'll make a big dent in the pile when you return :)


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