Saturday, March 4, 2017

Starting the Red Scraps

This month, Angela chose red as our color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I have a few red scraps, but not as many as most other colors.  When we had red as an RSC color last fall, I had and used tons of red scraps, leaving only a few behind. So, although I did add to it with some Christmas scraps, trimmings and whatnot, there are not as many as I normally like to work with. So, I confess to cutting into a couple red FQs (bought for the express purpose of rounding out my red “scraps”).

But I did get one thing sewn up so far; a red crayon!  Linking up my meager red offering to Angela’s Scrappy Saturday post for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Of all the projects I work on with the color each month, the crayon always seems to be the first. I guess that’s because I want to get as much variety in it before I chop scraps up too small to use. There are several duplicates in there, as always, but that’s just fine.

Here is the state of my red scraps. I also have some ancient cream with red yardage I hope to use up this month, as well as a lot of scraps that are mostly white with red. We will see what develops.

I’ve been working on sewing this quilt top together. I have it laid out sideways on my design board, but have flipped the picture so you can see the correct orientation. Two out of six rows are sewn.  And then the borders. This will be a priority this week so I can get it into a flimsy state and free up my design board.

Finally, I finished the quilting on my penultimate RSC16 project, the scrappy 16-patches. It is just a diagonal grid. What fun it was just to straight stitch with my walking foot again!

I will do a full reveal post later this week after I have trimmed, bound and washed it!

In hubby news, the surgery last Monday went well, but long-term lab results show they did not get all the cancer on either site of his forearm. So, there is another surgery scheduled on Wednesday to take more (hopefully just tissue). But first, we will meet with the plastic surgeon on Monday, who is coordinating with the actual oncology surgeon. I am doing Bruce’s daily wound care and dressing change, and it is a real “grown up moment” when you see the actual working tendons and arteries in his arm. His clothes are easy-on pants (a shopping trip was involved), and I have to drive him to the Trax station which takes him to work. He is on light duty and working as a docent instead of his usual job of building/engineering/computergeeking. And if the truth be known, it’s good for him (and me, LOL) to have him back in his regular routine, even if only for a few days before we go back to square one to “rinse and repeat”.

Tonight we are going out to dinner with my son Ryan and DIL Kim. We are really looking forward to that!  Have a wonderful week.

Cathy maroon


  1. Well, hopefully they will get the rest of that darned cancer from the rest of the places they need to!!! You are a brave woman to be doing the dressings. I can take care of animals' wounds just fine, but when it comes to humans (especially, those I love) I just can't. I think it is the pain I don't want to inflict on them. But then again, I haven't been in a position such as yours. More prayers and positive thoughts going out to you and your hubby!
    I'm so glad we are doing red this month! I have a ton of red. I think someone gave me a big old box of red scraps a few years back. My grandson's favorite colors are red and black, so this would be a good time to start his quilt I want to make for him.
    Love your crayon as usual. I don't know what it is about them that give me a good feeling. Maybe it takes me back to my childhood!

  2. Yes, the crayon comes first because I still have lots of variety. If they all end up in squares, too late. So the crayon is a good thing. It's so nice that your hubby is back to work. Nothing makes a man feel better than doing what defines him. So get some time alone this week and have fun, breathe deeply and relax. Prayers are continuing.

  3. Wow!! Your studio looks like a RED scrap explosion!! Just so you know, that ONE crayon beat my zero sewing. So sorry to hear that the scan came back with cause for another surgery!! Best wishes for a clean scan after Wednesday's surgery.

  4. I, as always, love all of your projects! Having just finished my 16 patch quilt with diagonal straight line quilting with the walking foot, I know a bit about what you've been doing this week! Lol! When you get to some FMQing, I'll be lost. Glad to have an update on Bruce, but sorry it includes more surgery. I'm amazed he is already back at work, but you're right, anything resembling normal is very welcomed after this kind of stuff. Hope everything goes smoothly this week, and Brice is back on the road to recovery!

  5. Those grown up moments can be hard!

    I've thought about doing a crayon quilt some day. A great idea for using the color of the month. Yours looks great!

  6. It's pretty sweet how your crayon blocks reflect Angela's crayon colour picks. Such a pretty quilt on your design wall.

  7. I hope you get better news this week. And if you don't have enough red scraps, you can now use your crayon to make some more. Smart move!

  8. Hope the second surgery was successful and you got nothing but good news. Your red crayon is such fun. I don't have much red either and have to supplement with red fat quarters as well.

  9. This cancer thing is wreaking havoc everywhere. I haven't posted about my SIL. Hers travels and they are doing an MRI on her brain this week due to symptoms. All you can do is keep the faith and pray.

    RED!! Love that red and I'm going to be interested in seeing your bookcase blocks in red. I wanted to ask is you are using a pattern for that quilt or winging it? You have a great sewing room set up. 3 more weeks til I can put weight on my foot. Really the weeks are flying by, but I still can't wait!

    Keeping you and Bruce in my prayers.
    xx, Carol

  10. I do love that red crayon! Looking forward to seeing all the crayons in the box, so to speak! Continued healing thoughts and positive vibes heading your way. I'm a nurse, so I know what you're going through with the dressing changes - keep up the good work!

  11. Changing dressings isn't the funnest chore in the world, but I'm sure you'll do fine. We can do anything for love! Prayers are continuing for both of you. Nice to see red - makes the dreary winter a little more bearable.


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