Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Red-Letter Day for Scraps

Lots of red to show here today, and I’m not talking about surgical wounds, LOL.  Lots of sewing happened this week as I tried to keep myself calm over DH’s surgeries and getting rid of that four-letter word, Cancer.

Before I show my scraps, I just want to shout from the rooftops that the doctor called today and the results show one site in his arm is now totally cancer-free. YAY!  The second site has a small area still, and that will be removed when the 2 doctors (orthopedic oncology surgeon and plastic surgeon) team up on Tuesday to do the reconstruction and skin grafts. AND THEN HE CAN JUST HEAL!!!!! YAY!!!! The weight of the world is now off our shoulders!

Ahem. Now I will attempt to regain some composure here.  ;-)

For lots of Red Goodness of the Scrappy Fabric Variety, why not join us over at Angela’s Scrappy Saturday linky party?

First up, 13 blocks of 6.5” crosses.

Next, two Geese Migration blocks.

And then there are my little favorites, the 4” bow-tie blocks, 24 of them. Take a bow, bows!

I also sewed up a column of red for my selvage quilt. The red column has 5 selvage blocks (4.5 x 8.5” each) and 4 plain red pieces of the same size. This is the only picture I had of it. It’s hard to photograph just one long column, so it’s hanging out with some of its red friends, LOL.

This month I won’t be doing the usual 4 red strip blocks, because I have them already made from last year. But still to go are the 2-3 red Bookshelf blocks and my Friendship Star Variation blocks. I can’t wait.

In my last post earlier this week (in case you missed it) I showed my finished 2016 RSC quilt made of 16-patch blocks. Just hit “Older Posts” at the bottom of the page, or click the Gallery link, above. I also finished piecing the blocks on my Flower Market quilt, and have added the first border. Now I'm fiddling with waste HSTs from the original piecing and squaring and pairing them up to make either a chevron border or a diamond border with them. I`ll probably be asking for your opinion on those next week.

This week I bought a lot of new fabric, too. Some of it is for an art quilt for Bruce. The subject is guitars (he plays and loves them. Luckily he will still be able to play them!!) The quilt will be in bright batiks and the pattern is Groovy Guitars by Robbi Joy Ecklow. On the schedule for this summer/fall.

But I have to show you this fabric. Cats. Actually, it’s Tabby Lane by Tula Pink. I like Tula’s designs because they are NOT too matchy-matchy. And I can still fall victim to that problem every now and then (Olive’s Flower Market, I’m looking at YOU!) Aren’t these cute??

So this time I bought a few half yard or full yard pieces of selected favorites, to go together or separately. I can’t wait to use some of it to make a quilt for myself, or for the kitties...... Actually, I can make LOTS of kitty quilts for the Best Friends shelter I donate to. Don’t you just loooooove those tuna cans??  And how good would these brights look paired up with black and white? Mmmm...

Today the grandkids are visiting, well 7 out of 8 of the youngest. On Monday I’ll see my grandson Easton (at 17, he’s the oldest) when he comes over to try on his Jedi Knight costume I`m sewing up for him. There is a ComicCon in town later this month and he’s going. Maybe we`ll get a picture of him in costume.

Finally, thank you all so much for your best wishes and thoughts for Bruce during his arm cancer scare. And for those of you who've prayed, your prayers have been appreciated too, more than you can ever know. These last few weeks have been rough on us, but we have been constantly buoyed up by your emails. As internet friends, I know we don’t know each other in person, but so many of us have gotten to know each other online over the weeks and months and years. Such a great camaraderie between quilters! You, dear ladies, are true friends and wonderful people. Thank you.

Have a great week! I know we will....
Cathy maroon


  1. Oh Cathy! I am so happy for you and your husband. I'm a little embarrassed to admit, my eyes are a little misty over this! It's wonderful news, and wonderful news is one of my very favorite things!
    You have been busy with the red. Your blocks all look great.
    I have been bad this week. I had a bad experience with two blocks last week and I have been pouting ever since, and telling myself that I need to get these other projects done. Then feel guilty because I'm not working my scrap box very well. I need to get back on my scrap wagon!
    Tell your husband congratulations for me!

  2. Pretty, pretty and pretty, just love all the pretty pictures on this post. And so happy to hear the good news about Bruce.

  3. Lots of lovely redness Cathy. So pleased for your husband. xx

  4. What good news, Cathy!! I'm also glad that you had some sewing time to work off some of your stress. LOTS of blocks to work off LOTS of stress! Such a blessing that things are looking up.

  5. So Very Happy to hear the news about Bruce. But I'll still keep you two in my prayers. That's a lot of healing and nursing to do. As I sit here airing my surgical wound out I hope your nursing duties will go easy on you!

    Man, I thought of you when I saw the Tabby Lane line on their website. I love it too. She needs to do a Puppy Power line for ME!!

    Much love to you today. I know you will be enjoying the next few days with relief.
    xx, Carol

  6. Such wonderful news! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Love your reds. I have to do some other blocks...
    My oldest grandson turns 25 this year! (He just colored his hair a light red, so we know he hasn't matured yet. I had such high hopes that he would. He recently cleaned up his swearing on Facebook.) lol

  7. WooHoo! I'm doing a Happy Dance for you and Hubby!!!! I can hear the relief in your voice. I still haven't started anything with my red scraps. Maybe I'll start tomorrow. My mind is on another project today. I'm making crayons and doll quilts this year, and the red doll quilt is already designed in my mind...

  8. I'm so pleased for your good news! Good thing you can still sew while doing a happy dance, eh?
    Love all your pretty reds! And those kitty fabrics are going to be luscious!

  9. What great news about Bruce!! So happy to hear that healing can take place and you both can put all this behind you. Yay! Love all the red fabric pieces too.

  10. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Worrying and waiting is never easy.

  11. Woohoo! Cancer free is excellent! I'm glad you were able to stitch away too.

  12. God is so good. It's been such a long rough road for you both. Enjoy the time now without the burden, take that trip. My SIL is in Macedonia where his sister Linda is dying. Pray that she goes peacefully. A happy, wise woman. We will surely miss her. But God will carry her.
    Your fabrics are so sweet. Have fun with them and all your reds.

  13. Yay!!! So happy for the good news! Let the healing begin. You've been sewing up a storm this week, and it's no wonder. I love all the red in everyone's posts this week - such a strong color! That must have been what we all needed!

  14. So glad to hear your happy news! I know you are feeling relieved and have a little spring in your step! Enjoy your new fabrics and projects - they sound happy-inducing, for sure!

  15. Yay!!! For the heal!!!! You did get a lot of blocks done though in the worry time - wow - So glad he is all good and will be healing soon!! Hugs!!

  16. I'm so glad to hear such excellent news about Bruce. I'm so happy for both of you. And now pardon me while I go empty out my bank account on Tabby Lane. (P.S. Please post a warning on your blog...)

  17. I'm off to discuss Bruce's update with Gary. He has been so concerned and has asked everyday if there is any new news. We love you guys and need to get together again soon (when Bruce is up to it). Hugs, Bev and Tedders

  18. What good news! Prayers do get answered. Some beautiful red work completed this week and the Tula Pink fabrics are an inspiration for sure.

  19. Yay!! For your husband's progress!! And yours of course. All your blocks are awesome. And I just bought some Tula Pink Tabby Lane. Hee hee hee--was looking for some more reds and it just jumped into my cart!

  20. Yay! is right!! What a relief!
    Love all the red blocks and that Tabby Lane is sooooo cute. How could anyone resist?

  21. So glad that Bruce's healing is moving forward. I totally understand the heart wrenching days you have had to endure. Be thankful that they could save his arm. Cancer is a vicious animal with no care of who's heart it is breaking. They couldn't save my arm from cancer but I fooled Mr. C. I am finding that there's many things that a one armed quilter can do successfully. Keep your chin up and our prayers are with you.


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