Thursday, March 9, 2017

Rainbow Scraps 16-Patch Done!

I finished this quilt almost a week ago, but am just now getting a post done about it. We’ve actually had sunshine here for several days, with a forecast of temperatures into the sixties this week and next! So I decided to photo the quilt in the living room.

This is the second-to-last of my 2016 RSC finishes, and the only pic I got without a cat in it, LOL.  The finished size is 72x81”. The backing is a gold backing print, batting is Warm and Plush (my favorite), and the binding is scraps of two teal fabrics.  I quilted it in a diagonal grid pattern and enjoyed it immensely!  This will go into my pile of quilts for donation.

This quilt is #7 in my Finish Along Quarter I Goals for 2017. You can see that list HERE.  I have two more to complete on that list, but will probably only get one more quilted before the end of the month. I have to go out and get some more low-tack tape that I need when I baste quilts on the hardwood floor.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hubby update:  Bruce had his second arm surgery yesterday to remove all (hopefully) of the remaining cancer in his arm, both sites on his right forearm. The 90-minute scheduled surgery ended up being almost 4 hours long. We (meaning me) will change the dressings for the first time later today, and I am honestly afraid to see what it looks like. I`m not a nurse, but have been trained by the oncology surgeon (with additional instructions earlier this week from the plastic surgeon) on how to do this. There will be a lot more tissue gone, I have been told. We have excellent insurance, but this is how it goes these days. Two or three decades ago there would’ve been a professional involved somehow (inpatient or outpatient) to handle this. I seethe at the state of American healthcare. And Congress is only attempting to make it worse for us. Damn them all! Now I will get off the soapbox.

So, the final biopsies are done, and if they come back clear (Friday or Monday), we are scheduled for Bruce to have his reconstructive surgery on Tuesday (which happens to be my birthday). If there is still cancer present, and it’s only a tiny bit in one spot, the plastic surgeon can remove it in the reconstruction. If it is more than that - several spots, or deep areas ... well, that means that the cancer will grow back sooner or later.  And THAT means that Bruce will lose his hand and/or forearm sooner or later. Choice of Sooner or Later will be his to make. I pray it will not come to that.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
But I don’t want to end in doom and gloom, nor do I want to slight the Quilt Supervisors (our superiors, the Feline Overlords). So, here are some candids of Themselves.


There is nothing like the love of a cat to calm you or cheer you up. These babies have been sooooooo affectionate and such great companions these last few weeks!!

See you on Saturday for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Scrappy Saturday!

Cathy maroon


  1. Hoping for a great prognosis!
    Love your RSC quilt here. You have been so busy finishing RSCs. U R Inspirational.

  2. Your rainbow quilt is beautiful!! I pray for you and your husband during this time. I hope his recovery goes well.

  3. I just love your cats!
    My feline overlords greet me with long side stretches on my bed, when I go in my bedroom. They reside in their until I get their catio build come Springtime. I know they would be anxious if they knew what was going to happen. I haven't explained it to them yet.
    Good positive thoughts and prayers going out to you and especially your husband.

  4. Love your quilt! And your cats. I'm sorry to hear all that is going on with your DH. I didn't realize that I have been missing your posts. I hope he gets good news, and is on the road to recovery sooner rather than later. Hugs.

  5. Oh man, I LOVE that quilt! It's one thing to see the blocks and rows, but a total eye full of joy to see the finished quilt. Well, we will pray for the best results today for both Bruce and my SIL. We WILL receive the positively best news. Hug your kitties and I'll hug my pooches....if I can get them to come close. They don't like the scooter.
    xx, Carol

  6. Well, what a birthday present for you next week! I hope the news is good today or Monday. The waiting for that kind of thing is always so hard. Love your 16 patch finish - it's so very happy - and I'm glad the cats have been giving you lots of love! Sending a big hug, Cathy!

  7. Great finish of your rainbow quilt. xx

  8. Beautiful quilt, some lucky person is going to be very happy to receive this rainbow.

  9. You're going to donate the quilt? Wow!! I wouldn't be able to part with it because it makes me think of pure sunshine. Have to love your furry kitty-visors - seeing them makes me miss ours (alas, no more kitties because Jack has developed horrible allergies). As for the cutbacks, they're happening all over and more and more medical treatments are being passed along to family members it seems.

  10. Beautiful quilt, you should be proud, it is truly lovely. I'll be praying for you and your husband! Thank you for linking up on behalf of the 2017 global Finish-A-Long hosts.


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