Friday, March 17, 2017

Quilty Orphan Needs New Home

It’s been at least a year or more since I`ve participated with Cynthia B’s Quilty Orphan Adoption, and I am so excited (even if I`m a bit tardy, hehe) to link up this time. The event is a link up where you can explore projects that are being given away free for others to finish up. Each donor sets their own rules and pays the postage to send the item(s) to you!

Last year I started out playing along with the Splendid Sampler, then realized I`d taken on too many things. And truthfully, I was not loving my blocks. I finished about 20 blocks or so then quit. They were pieced together with a couple other blocks plus spacer squares to form the flimsy below. It measures approximately 42x48”.

It’s probably an overly-large baby-sized quilt, yet there are several blocks that wouldn’t be appropriate for a baby, like the “Measure Twice, Cut Once” and the block with the 3-D flowers and beads sewn on (detail in picture below). But they could be replaced. Or, even better, you could add a border or two and make this into a nice girls lap quilt.

The rules are that I offer this quilt FREE to someone who may want to finish it. It does not have to go to a charity, but I would like to see it gifted to someone. I will mail the flimsy, PLUS some additional matching fabric scraps in case you want to replace some of the blocks, to one lucky (or is it unlucky? LOL) volunteer.

If you are interested in finishing it up - and I do want it to go to someone who will FINISH, not just collect it - please leave a comment here on this post and make sure I have a way to contact you. Tell me what you would do with the quilt. I will select the recipient on about March 23rd (Thursday) and contact you. In the case of more than one interested and qualified recipients, I will have my DH draw their name from a hat. Or a bowl. You get the idea.  :-)

And why not join us over at Cynthia's Quilty Orphan Adoption Event to see who else has other quilty things up for adoption?  Quilts don’t need to be fed, or to be walked or get shots, so think of how much time and money you’ll save!!

Cathy maroon


  1. I think I have some fabric that would make a cute border for this. I can finish it with quilting on my longarm, and donate it to a local charity. Depending on the final size, it could go to Project Linus, or to Mainstay (a women with children abuse center).

  2. I have been trying to give a quilt to all the wonderful ladies at church over 80. I have one whose favorite color is pink. I don't do much pink. This would be great for her. I can finish it with my longarm. My big worry is that after they turn 80, I might be on the clock for finishing theirs. :( I did miss one recently and had the quilt almost done. sigh...

  3. I am the longarmer for our local quilt guild. I'd love to finish it and donated it through our guild. Thanks for the chance to win. It looks bright and cheery.

  4. Thanks for participating! Looks like you already have some great options for adoption. It is a great quilt :)

  5. I have a friend from my crafting group who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. She is 71 years young and starts chemo on a Wednesday. I would like to give her a lap quilt for use during chemo. Unfortunately with a six day a week job plus NanaMama duties and a new grandchild due soon, I am trying to figure out how to squeeze this project in. This would be a God send. Best way to reach me is at my store via phone or by cell phone text. I will email you my contact info separately. Thanks for the opportunity. Sarah

  6. Throw my name into the proverbial hat! You probably know the charities I support - Wrap-A-Smile and Quilts Beyond Borders!

  7. Hi Kathy, You know I don't want my name in the hat. But I think this is such a perfect way for you to keep a lovely piece from becoming a UFO and such an excellent way to contribute as well.
    xx, Carol

  8. I love this idea (but don't put my name in the hat - I'm not a sane quilter, as you know).


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