Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reviewing 2011 Goals

Back in January, I set 14 stitch-related goals for myself.  (See post here). Now that the first quarter is behind us and I’m mostly unpacked from my Connecticut trip, I think it’s a good time to review my progress.

1.  Goal: Participate in 3-4 CQ round robins.
Progress:  I am currently in four and two are about to wrap up.  This will be done by mid-year!

2.  Goal:  Piece my "CQ by 2012” quilt and have half of seamwork done.
Progress:  None, except that I’ve decided on my colors and basic design idea.

3.  Goal:  Enter at least 2 CQ or quilting competitions.
Progress: I am registered for one and have info and intentions of entering #2.  I will be at 50% by mid-year.

4.  Goal:  Teach a CQ class locally.
Progress:  None yet, although I have gathered some contact info.

5.  Goal:  Attend 3 CQ retreats or gatherings.
Progress:  Have attended one (CQ Adventure in CT) and am registered for two more: the CQI Retreat in Colorado (September) and the Victorian Stitchery Retreat (Pink Bunny) in Wichita in November.

6.  Goal:  Take a class with Carole Samples.
Progress:  I am registered for a 2-day class with Carole Samples in Wichita in November!!!!

7.  Goal:  Finish (or give away) at least 3 UFO`s.
Progress:  I finished and auctioned off my Teatime Wallhanging and gave away (to CQI, who auctioned it off) a wool crazy quilt top.   So, I’m 67% done with this one already!

8.  Goal:  Finish Seascape Valance.
Progress:  None yet.  This will start when I am done with the RR’s and first contest entry.

9.  Goal:  De-stash.
Progress:  A lot of progress here.  My old storage is gone, and I have gathered two 22-gal plastic totes of fabrics and things that The Fabric Fairy I will be taking to the CQI retreat in September.  

10.  Goal:  Sew a quilt for London (DGD).
Progress:  None.

11.  Goal: Ramp up Etsy presence.
Progress:  Yeah, well I have been meaning to do that.  Now that I’m home from vending at the CQ Adventure, I can list the things (dyed lace, vintage lace and trims, and fancy fabric packs). Sometime.

12.  Goal: Begin reselling my vintage fabrics, linens and collectibles.  
Progress:  Do good intentions count?

13.  Goal:  Conduct a local sew-for-charity event.
Progress:  I have a huge bag of 50 ready-to-sew cotton pillowcases that I will donate to an appropriate charity as part of my de-stashing program and will consider this two birds killed with one stone.  (OMG, I hate that metaphor...)

14.  Goal:  Blog milestones: 400 posts, 250 followers,  3 giveaways and 2 tutorials in 2011.
Progress:  I’m at approximately 315 posts, 185 followers and have had 1 giveaway.  A second giveaway will be announced next week (watch for details!) and one tutorial is planned for May or June.

If I assign values to my progress, I show I am at about 25-30%, which is right on target for this point in the year.  But I have to admit that reading the list now makes me more tired than enthusiastic!  What was I thinking?

Now I’m off to cook dinner (what a change THAT will be!  But I am craving crab cakes...), then clean my studio and watch American Idol eliminations tonight.

Cathy maroon


  1. I have never been able to set goals, at least not long term ones. I'm better at doing a day goal, or week goal, or NO goal ~lol~.

    Congrats on 30%. You should be proud.

    Happy Easter.

  2. cool post!
    I had to take a better look at your first cq piece because, in the tiny pic, it looks like an upsidedown raccoon!
    and after a full week with my kiddies I'm "tweeking"

  3. Hi Cathy! I'm trying to help you along with your goals so you now have one new follower. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my Blog. OSV is a great spot, definitely add it to your list. And if you ever get to New Brunswick, get in touch and I will give you a personally guided tour...
    I am so far behind on my blog, but just sooo busy getting ready for our Guild Show next week. Stay tuned for further tales of the trip. That week was just awesome wasn't it? I feel so blessed to have been there. Our day in NYC was so much fun- thanks for being part of it... SO pleased to have met you, let's keep in touch...

  4. What an interesting plan, how much has been achieved. From the look will be waiting for a master class. Really like your work .. Real art. If not hard, do, please button on the toolbar to transfer ..

  5. Good for you! You not only set yourself some goals, you wrote them down for all of us to see.
    Since the year is only about 30% over, I'd say you are right on track!

  6. Whew! What a goal list. I've been bringing people in to Milwaukee for classes. Pam Kellogg is coming in early May, and Betty P will be back on September 30th. Lots of organizing to do!


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